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Marie Osmond changed up her hair and we don’t know what to think

Marie Osmond no longer has her signature hairstyle

Marie Osmond on a recent episode of CBS’s “The Talk.”
Marie Osmond on a recent episode of CBS’s “The Talk.”

Marie Osmond has changed her hairstyle, and it has social media freaking out.

What’s going on?

  • Osmond, a celebrity from Utah, posted two Instagram pictures that show she has changed her hair color from brown to blonde.
  • Osmond debuted the new hairstyle on “The Talk.”
  • The photos show off a caramel bob cut with “fringe bangs and darker roots,” according to People magazine.

We knew this was coming

Osmond tweeted on Feb. 10 for viewers to watch “The Talk” because she planned to change her hairstyle.

What’s really interesting:

  • Osmond changed her hairstyle back, oddly. She reportedly posted a photo on her Instagram story and wrote, “Back 2 brunette today.”

Does Marie wear a wig?

  • Yes, according to She reportedly loves wigs and wears them when she wants her hair to stand out.
  • In 2013, she told Wendy Williams that she’ll wear a blonde wig when she wants to avoid the spotlight.
  • Osmond said: “This is my mommy hair. When I go out with my kids, I never go as me … family time is family time and so I’m a blonde. My children only know me as a blonde.”