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‘When Calls the Heart’ season 7: Erin Krakow talks Elizabeth-Nathan-Lucas love triangle

A scene from the Hallmark Channel series “When Calls the Heart.”
Ricardo Hubbs

Season six of “When Calls the Heart” ended on a heartbreaking cliffhanger. The widowed Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) seemed to finally choose between two suitors competing for her attention.

But as she began to dance with Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally), she saw the look on Nathan Grant’s (Kevin McGarry) face and flashed what looked like regret as the credits rolled.

Hearties could barely contain their emotions as the season came to an end, and Krakow is thrilled with their response.

“It makes me feel great!” Krakow said in an email interview with the blog From the Desk of Kurt Manwaring. “I feel honored that our fans continue to be so invested in the stories we’re telling.”

The show’s seventh season, which premieres Feb. 23 on the Hallmark Channel, will give Hearties a chance to choose between Nathan and Lucas — as Elizabeth tries to do the same.

“We’re going to see a lot more of the pickle Elizabeth found herself in at the end of season six,” Krakow said. “Nathan and Lucas start to make their feelings even more apparent, and Elizabeth is left wondering how she will ever choose when the last thing she wants to do is hurt either of them.”

Nathan and Lucas are two very different characters, and Elizabeth will have to prioritize what attributes are most important to her.

In many ways, Nathan is similar to Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing), Elizabeth’s husband who was killed in the line of duty. From his serious demeanor to the familiar red Mountie uniform, many fans consider him to be Elizabeth’s best — and safest — choice.

But different can be good, too. Lucas is the sociable saloon owner with a penchant for secrets — including secret acts of service. He’s brought more than one smile to Elizabeth’s face in their time together.

So, who will she choose?

Krakow won’t say — but she did give fans some insight into what her character is thinking. Not surprisingly, Lucas seems to provoke the strongest emotions.

“Elizabeth likes how Lucas is full of surprises,” Krakow said. “He’s always coming up with ways to make her happy. He’s also an excellent listener who cares about Elizabeth’s passions in life.”

But Nathan isn’t without his charms, either.

“Nathan is also a great listener. His gestures might not be as grand, but Elizabeth knows he really cares,” Krakow said. “She likes that Nathan is good with children. They share a bond over parenting and moving through loss.”

Krakow said season seven can best be summed up in three words: friendship, romance and emotion. Not surprisingly, all three words describe what her character will be searching for in a relationship with either Nathan or Lucas.

Erin Krakow, left, and Chris McNally in a scene from the Hallmark Channel series “When Calls the Heart.”
Ricardo Hubbs, Crown Media