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The ‘mountain’ rides at Disneyland, ranked

Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain are all awesome. How do they rank?

Disneyland’s Space Mountain roller coaster has been dubbed Hyperspace Mountain and overlaid with Star Wars themes.
Disneyland’s Space Mountain roller coaster has been dubbed Hyperspace Mountain and overlaid with Star Wars themes.

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Disneyland has three rides that are deeply connected, and all of them have to do with mountains.

You have Space Mountain, which takes you on a wild ride through space. Then there is Big Thunder Mountain, which takes you through the tunnels and caverns of a makeshift mountain. And then there’s Splash Mountain, which will leave you drenched and soaked from splashes and crashes.

Any Disneyland fan will have heard of these rides. But which is the best? Which do you skip? Here are our rankings for the three mountain rides.

3. Splash Mountain

Yes, it has the big drop that can be super fun. The smaller drops are cool, too, because they hype you up for the big one. But sometimes that water can be just too much to handle and can actually hinder your experience. It’s really not enjoyable when you’re pounded with water and your feet are soaked. Of course, that’s the gimmick of the ride. But it can definitely frustrate you and leave you soggy for most of the day.

2. Big Thunder Mountain

The dips and dives on this ride are entertaining without end. And it’s even better knowing you’re soaring through the inner caverns while outside. It’s a great outdoor ride that works best toward the afternoon. It moves quickly enough that you’re never bored waiting for the next jump or dive or dip. You’re always moving and always entertained.

1. Space Mountain

There’s really no way to stop this ride. The jet takes you through the darkness of space with stars flying by you. The music is jokey and jovial. There are moments when you really think you’re soaring through space and no longer on planet Earth. Surely there are some who could get sick from the ride or not enjoy some of the quick jerks and cuts. But it’s still the best experience you’ll get from the park with these mountain rides. A large part of Disneyland and Walt Disney World is putting people outside the normal world and putting them in a unique experience. This ride is similar to that. You’re outside of your world. You’re somewhere new. That’s what makes it such a fun ride.