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‘Retail’ comic closes shop, rebooted ‘Nancy’ to appear in the Deseret News

‘Retail’ creator ending strip Sunday and ‘Nancy’ to start Monday

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Rebooted “Nancy” comic to start Monday, Feb. 24, in the Deseret News.

Andrews McMeel Syndication

Sunday is the last “Retail” comic as the Grumbel’s store sign comes down and Marla, Cooper, Val and crew are moving on to new opportunities — not unlike creator Norm Feuti.

“I’ve been lucky in recent years to have multiple opportunities creating children’s books, and have decided to take my career in this new direction,” he posted on his website normfeuticartoons.com with the announcement of “Retail” ending after more than 13 years of daily comics about working in a department store.

Starting Monday, the Deseret News will start running “Nancy.”

“It’s simply a comic about a little girl with a big personality and her friends, classmates and beleaguered Aunt Fritzi,” wrote Shena Wolf, director of comics and acquisitions for Andrews McMeel Syndication, in response to questions emailed by the Deseret News.

“Nancy” has its roots in the “Fritzi Ritz” comic strip, which started in the 1922 drawn by Larry Whittington, according a news release from Andrews McMeel, which syndicates “Nancy.” Whittington left the strip in 1925 and artist Ernie Bushmiller began creating the comic.


Nancy and Sluggo from “Nancy” which will begin in the Deseret News on Feb. 24, 2020.

Andrews McMeel Syndication

Nancy was introduced in 1933. Her popularity grew and by 1938, the comic’s name changed to “Nancy.” By then, her friend Sluggo had also been introduced.

After Bushmiller’s death in early 1980s, the strip has had several artists, including Guy and Brad Gilchrist from 1995 to early 2018.

In 2018, the artist behind “Nancy” changed.

“We were looking for someone who had a deep understanding of the history and the core characteristics of ‘Nancy,’ while also bringing their own sensibility and humor to the comic,” wrote Wolf.

Comics from Olivia Jaimes, a pseudonym for the 18- to 35-year-old woman now behind “Nancy,” started on April 9, 2018, for daily comics and on May 6, 2018, for the Sunday comics, Wolf said.

“Olivia prefers to use a pseudonym to keep the rest of her life separate from her life as the cartoonist behind ‘Nancy,’” Wolf said.

Jaimes’ 8-year-old Nancy is on the robotics team, uses a cellphone and laptop along with being friends with Sluggo and a new friend named Esther. Also, twins named Agnes and Lucy have been introduced and the strip still has Aunt Fritzi.

“Nancy has been my favorite sassy grouch for a long time. I’m excited to be sassy and grouchy through her voice instead of just mine,” said Jaimes in the Andrews McMeel news release.

Past “Nancy” comics by Bushmiller and Jaimes are available at gocomics.com.