Disney just dropped another trailer for “Jungle Cruise.”

The first trailer for the movie, based on the Disney theme park ride, shows Emily Blunt as an intrepid explorer searching for a mystical tree with “unparalleled healing powers.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is her wilderness guide, and the two embark on a journey through the Amazon.

The second trailer reveals some more key details about the plot.

The trailer introduces the film’s villains — a mysterious man with snakes coming out of his face and an unnamed antagonist played by Jesse Plemons.

Entertainment Weekly called the chemistry between Blunt and Johnson “electric,” and the action-packed trailer has Forbes asking: Could “Jungle Cruise” be Disney’s next “Pirates of the Caribbean?”

Both started as classic Disneyland rides, built during the park’s early years. Jungle Cruise was one of the park’s original opening day attractions, according to the official Disney Parks blog. Pirates of the Caribbean opened just over 12 years later in 1967, according to the LA Times.

With its reputation as a Disneyland classic as well as boasting a star-studded cast, “Jungle Cruise” could indeed become a big moneymaker for Disney, according to SYFY.

The film hits theaters July 24.