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Did Disney’s ‘Tangled’ predict the coronavirus?

Social media believes it’s true

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Flynn (Zachary Levi) in “Tangled.”

Flynn (Zachary Levi) in “Tangled.” Social media believes Disney and “Tangled” might have predicted the coronavirus.

Disney Enterprises Inc.

Disney fans have used their time social distancing to come up with a wild fan theory that somehow “Tangled” predicted the coronavirus.

The theory is wicked weird and definitely not true. But entertainment these days is few and far between.

What the theory says

  • OK. Here’s the theory, according to social media members.
  • In 2010, Disney released “Tangled,” a new version of the classic Rapunzel story.
  • In the story, she has magical hair that stops her from aging so she gets locked away in a tower so she can always appear young.
  • Rapunzel is kept away from her village, which is called Corona. She’s locked in quarantine.
  • See where this is headed?

Talk about the theory:

Anyway, Twitter users shared their thoughts on the theory. See the best explanations below.