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Coronavirus: Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande are sending money to fans in need

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have both sent direct payments to fans struggling financially

Taylor Swift has sent two fans in need $3,000 this week.
Taylor Swift has sent two fans in need $3,000 this week.
Matt Sayles, Invision

As many people are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely be waiting on government stimulus checks until April 6 at the earliest, some celebrities are stepping in to send money directly to their fans in need.

In the past week, pop star Taylor Swift has sent $3,000 directly to multiple fans who posted their worries about not being able to pay their bills on social media, the Hill reports.

Two of the recipients, Samantha Jacobson and Holly Turner, posted screenshots of the payments online.

Other fans are posting screenshots of direct messages with Swift on Twitter and Tumblr.

Swift isn’t the only pop icon jumping in to help fans. Fox News reports that Ariana Grande has paid more than 20 fans between $500-$1,000 through Venmo to help ease their financial strain. Grande even reached out to one fan and covered their entirely monthly salary, Geo News reports.

Britney Spears has also invited fans in need to reach out to her on Instagram if they need extra money during this time, and nominated Will Smith, her boyfriend Sam Asghari and actress Kate Hudson to do the same.

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