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The official ‘Simpsons’ house floor plan has finally been released

It took 30 years, but ‘Simpsons’ fans have a definitive document at last

SHARE The official ‘Simpsons’ house floor plan has finally been released

A portion of the official floor plan for the Simpson home on the TV program “The Simpsons,” drawn in 1990 and recently shared on Twitter from former “Simpsons” writer Josh Weinstein.

Screenshot via Twitter

Hey, “Simpsons” fans: If you close your eyes, can you see the floor plan of the Simpson home?

Thanks to Josh Weinstein, that exercise just got easier.

On April 28, Weinstein, a former writer on “The Simpsons,” tweeted a photo of the floor plan for 742 Evergreen Terrace as it was drawn in 1990. (The show’s first episode premiered on Dec. 17, 1989.) Despite the show’s 30-plus years on the air, and its central place in pop culture, this is the first official floor plan for the Simpson house that’s ever been released.

While not a precise blueprint — nothing is drawn exactly to scale here — it’s interesting to see the official layout, as the “Simpsons” writers and animators imagined it.

Weinstein engaged with Twitter users after posting the photo, responding to comments about the rarely seen “rumpus room” on the main floor’s northeast corner, the “mystery door” in the entryway, and other inquiries.

“Simpsons” fans may notice the layout doesn’t include the basement — a frequent location for various Simpson shenanigans. Twitter users chimed in, noting the different spots the show has placed the basement staircase.

Weinstein’s tweet seems to be the most authoritative take on the layout, but it’s certainly not the first. A more elaborately illustrated house layout posted on DeviantArt had been circulating online since 2012, but it wasn’t created by an official “Simpsons” staff member. Another DeviantArt user created a poster of the Simpson home blueprint in 2013. “Minecraft” users have also created YouTube tutorials on how to build the home. Others have built the home in the “The Sims,” and LEGO even released a replica kit.

The most ambitious of these, though, was a full-size “Simpsons” house replica built in 1997 — the grand prize in a giveaway sponsored by the homebuilder, Pepsi and Fox. But the replica had a tough life.

“The homeowner’s association wasn’t keen on having a cartoon house that broke conformity requirements by being painted solar yellow,” Mental Floss reported. “The sweepstakes winner rejected it outright. And the current owner had to learn to live with the property being a source of perpetual curiosity for fans of the show who brazenly turn her doorknobs and peer through her windows at all hours of the day and night. As it turns out, the reality of living in a fantasy can get a little complicated.”

Media websites have given the home a modern-day makeover and wondered how much it would fetch on HGTV’s “House Hunters.” Clearly, the house remains a topic of fascination.

FILE - This undated frame from the Fox series “The Simpsons,” shows the popular cartoon family posing in front of their home, from left, Lisa , Marge , Maggie, Homer and Bart Simpson. Television networks are masters of self-promotion, so it’s no surprise

This undated frame from the Fox series “The Simpsons” shows the popular cartoon family posing in front of their home, from left, Lisa, Marge, Maggie, Homer and Bart Simpson.

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