“Most Dangerous Game” does something other shows on Quibi — the new quick hit video streaming service — doesn’t do. It offers cliffhangers and makes you want to keep watching for the next episode.

Truthfully, “Most Dangerous Game” is as close to a traditional television drama we see on Quibi. It is full of curses and mature content, something you’ll want to watch out for. But it’s packed with cliffhangers and questions to make you want to keep watching.

The show features Liam Hemsworth as Dodge, who learns about how he’ll have to join a new sport where he is the prey. We really see what would traditionally be the first five and last five minutes of an episode crammed together. We don’t see the in-between moments that TV dramas normally offer — the thinking, the debating, the questioning. It’s mostly just “here’s my proposition” followed by “here’s my answer.”

The show does dip back into the past at points, showing us a little more about Dodge through flashbacks. We see how he becomes infected with a disease and why he struggles so much. Thankfully, in addition to the plot-heavy episodes, we see some character-building moments, too.

Essentially, the show feels like an hour-long drama split into four parts. Yes, you keep moving episode to episode. But, if it were in an hour-long format, you would have really watched just one episode. It feels a lot like just the breakdown of one episode so you can watch it in a few bites rather than all at once.