“Survive” is another show that’s not fit for families. It’s packed with swearing and potentially troubling content for those with mental health issues or suicidal thoughts, as the episode’s opening card suggests.

The show is a bit of a mind trip, dancing in and out of reality. Sophie Turner stars as Jane in the show. Jane narrates her life as she moves through her mental health facility. We see her daily life and experiences with people with different mental health disorders. Her character specifically has post-traumatic stress disorder.

You have to get through almost three episodes for the meat of the plot to arrive, as a plane crash sends Jane into an entire new world. The show’s cliffhangers don’t exactly make you feel motivated to jump from episode to episode either, since the darkness of one is enough for one sitting. And when you finally do get to the plane crash, it’s full of grim and disturbing imagery.

There are bigger themes here about PTSD, mental health and suicide that are worth exploring. But it can be a hard watch. Images of blood appear multiple times in the show. It doesn’t hold back from showing how troubling these moments can be.

“Survive” is dark. It’s troubling. It’ll make you worried and fearful for what’s happening around you. But it will show you that there are people struggling with PTSD and abuse all around you.