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Disney requires masks for its parks. But not everyone is happy about it

Social media expressed anger over Disney requiring masks

SHARE Disney requires masks for its parks. But not everyone is happy about it
Visitors, wearing face masks, wait to enter the Disneyland theme park in Shanghai.

Visitors, wearing face masks, wait to enter the Disneyland theme park in Shanghai as it reopened, Monday, May 11, 2020. Visits will be limited initially and must be booked in advance, and the company said it will increase cleaning and require social distancing in lines for the various attractions. (AP Photo/Sam McNeil)

Sam McNeil, Associated Press

Disney Parks announced the need for face masks and temperature checks when its Disney Springs area reopened, prompting criticism and praise alike from those planning to attend Disney locations now and in the future.

Disney Springs reopened to the public Wednesday, giving United States fans their first chance at seeing a Disney property amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Requirements for reopening include guests wearing face masks, getting temperature checks and practicing social distancing.

Disney said: “This is an important part of protecting both our guests and our cast. Please be sure you have an ample amount of face coverings for yourself and your party before you arrive, as you’ll need to wear them over your nose and mouth at all times (except when sitting at a dining table).”

But not everyone was excited about the decision to require masks. The most vocal of critics reacted on on Disney Park’s blog comment section, sharing discontent with the idea of being forced to wear masks.

A user named Gilberto wrote, “Mask are a deal breaker, I can deal with temperature checks and we already practice social distancing. I have a trip scheduled for late June, paid off before the COVID craziness. My son is 10 years old and has autism, we have been practicing wearing a mask in case we go and unfortunately he just can’t do it. We’ve tried about 20 different types and they are a no go. He also wears glasses they are necessary as he can’t see with out them. His glasses fog up so a face shield won’t really help with the fogging In Florida heat and humidity. I believe it should be up to the individual as to what works best for them. Not everyone has the same risk. People can decide for themselves whether or they should or shouldn’t go and if they want to wear a mask.”

Stephanie wrote, “We have planned a trip to Disney for the last week of November. If face masks are going to be required, we will be canceling our trip. It is unfortunate because we love Disney.”

Meghan wrote, “Masks/face coverings are nothing more than security theater. They are ineffective and unhealthy. If this absurd mandatory policy remains in place we will be canceling our September trip. We have been to Disney on more than 20 trips knowing full well we could get any number of diseases/viruses/sicknesses and that is a risk we, and every other person who has ever been to Disney, were willing to take.”

Others responded with comments supporting the idea, thanking Disney for taking safety precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A user named L wrote, “Thank you so much Disney for taking these precautions to protect our families and the Disney Cast members! Putting people first instead of making money. As a family with medical issues that loves to come to Disney, and has on many, many occasions, we greatly appreciate your efforts. We will gladly support and follow these rules. Thank you again and we cannot wait for the 50th Anniversary Celebration!!!”

Gleen wrote, “Thank you Disney for doing all you can to ensure the safety of your guest. My family and I will wear masks as required. We will actually have fun with it and get the Disney themed ones as well. It may be that in October when our trip is scheduled that this policy is no longer necessary. We have been to Disney 21 times and hopefully 21 more. Some of our best family moments and memories have been at Disney from our honeymoon, children’s birthday’s, sons’s first steps, to the holidays parties. This one will be the same, the time we needed to wear masks to possibly keep someone else from getting sick so they might have a ‘best’ moment.”

Disney included a number of disclaimers on its website that said guests will need to assume some risk when traveling back to the park, as I wrote about for the Deseret News.

The website reads: “An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting Disney Springs you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.”