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‘The Voice’: What the live shows will look like during the pandemic

Tonight on ‘The Voice,’ the four red judges’ chairs are going to be empty. Contestants won’t be singing their hearts out on stage. And there won’t be an audience in front of them.  But the show is still moving forward with live performances.

“The Voice” judge Kelly Clarkson is pictured during the Knockout round. Starting Monday, May 4, Clarkson and the show’s other judges will be appear on the show from their homes.
Trae Patton/NBC

Tonight on “The Voice,” the four red judges’ chairs are going to be empty.

Contestants won’t be singing their hearts out on stage. And there won’t be an audience in front of them.

But like its fellow singing competition “American Idol,” “The Voice” is still moving forward with live performances amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s a rundown of how “The Voice” is doing its live shows, which run through May 19.

How it will work

  • Starting May 4, Carson Daly will host the live rounds in front of the iconic judges’ chairs, Variety reported.
  • The show’s judges will appear from their homes — Kelly Clarkson from her ranch in Montana; Blake Shelton from his home in Oklahoma; and Nick Jonas and John Legend from their homes in Los Angeles, according to The Oklahoman.
  • The top 17 artists this season will perform live from their respective homes for a spot in the Top 9.
“The Voice” contestant Cedrice, left, stands next to host Carson Daly. Cedrice is one of the show’s top 17 contestants.
Tyler Golden/NBC
  • For the performances Monday night, all interactions between the coaches, artists and host will be recorded live-to-tape. The artist performances, though, are pre-taped, according to Variety.
  • The episode will open with a performance from legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor, who was a mentor during the show’s Knockout rounds. Taylor will perform with the remaining artists he mentored during those rounds, Variety reported.


  • Leading up to this first live show, the coaches held remote mentoring sessions with the contestants, according to Variety.
  • During these sessions, they went over everything from song selection to wardrobe (the contestants were provided clothing) to choreography. The artists also received production kits with camera and audio equipment to record their performances.
  • “Reinventing the live shows has allowed us to create innovative ways to bring ‘The Voice’ to life in a fresh and intimate way,” Audrey Morrissey, “Voice” executive producer and showrunner, said in a statement. “It has been an incredible team effort with the coaches, artists and their loved ones being involved in the process. With Carson at the helm from the stage, we are excited to share a unique ‘Voice’ experience that will feel both new and familiar.”

What to expect going forward

  • Viewers will vote for their favorite performances Monday night.
  • Based on the votes, four contestants will be revealed as “safe” on Tuesday, May 5. Each coach will then select another artist to move forward.
  • To round out the top nine, the contestant with the next highest number of votes from each team will compete in the “Wildcard Instant Save.”
  • Viewers can participate by voting in real-time to determine which artist will advance to the Top 9, according to Variety.

Who are the remaining contestants?

Team Kelly Clarkson: Cedrice, Megan Danielle, Micah Iverson and Mandi Thomas

Team Blake Shelton: Joei Fulco, Toneisha Harris, Joanna Serenko, Todd Tilghman

Team Nick Jonas: Thunderstorm Artis, Roderick Chambers, Allegra Miles, Arei Moon

Team John Legend: CammWess, Mandi Castillo, Zan Fiskum, Mike Jerel