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EA confirms ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ game that leaked on Xbox website.

Is a new ‘Star Wars’ game in the works?

SHARE EA confirms ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ game that leaked on Xbox website.
Official art of “Star Wars: Squadrons.”

Official art of “Star Wars: Squadrons.”

Courtesy EA

For a brief moment, “Star Wars: Squadrons” — a new and unannounced “Star Wars” game — seemed to have leaked on Xbox.com Friday ahead of any official announcement, Polygon reports.

EA later confirmed the game to be real and in development. The reveal trailer of “Star Wars: Squadrons” will happen this Monday, June 15 at 9 a.m. MT.

What’s the news:

  • A piece of artwork appeared on Xbox.com Friday, showing what appeared to be a Rebel pilot and imperial TIE fighter pilot with TIE fighters and Rebel Alliance ships soaring around them.
  • The tagline “pilots wanted” accompanied the painting with a preorder button. The button went to a broken link, according to Polygon.
  • No other details were available.
  • In March, “Star Wars: Project Maverick” leaked in the PlayStation Store. The artwork for that game “implied starship battles between original trilogy Empire and Rebellion forces,” per Polygon.

Some more details:

  • An unnamed source told VentureBeat that “Squadrons” will be a combat game that takes place in space and focus on head-to-head battle.
  • The game will reportedly have a single-player campaign. But the focus will be multiplayer, according to VentureBeat.
  • Per VentureBeat; “The idea is to get players fighting against each other in team battles featuring iconic Star Wars vessels.”
  • Some consider the game to be a successor to “Rogue Squadron,” a popular game series popularized on Nintendo 64 and GameCube.