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EA Star Wars releases trailer for new ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ video game

X-Wings, TIE fighters and space battles appear to be the focus of this new ‘Star Wars’ games

SHARE EA Star Wars releases trailer for new ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ video game
Rebels in “Star Wars: Squadrons.”

A look at the New Republic, Rebels in “Star Wars: Squadrons.”

EA Star Wars

EA Star Wars released a first-look trailer for an upcoming video game titled, Star Wars: Squadrons.

What’s going on:

  • EA Star Wars announced the new game — which will focus on space battles and star fights — late last week after images and concept art leaked online.
  • EA Star Wars said: “You, your team, and the fastest star fighters in the galaxy. It’s time to become the galaxy’s finest. This is #StarWarsSquadrons!”
  • The trailer dropped Monday morning.

What the trailer shows

  • It shows a nervous X-Wing pilot zooming through space with a TIE fighter on her tail. She evades him as much as she can sneak away.
  • Both pilots return to their bases after the brief interaction.
  • Pilots of the New Republic and the First Order compete against each other in star battles.
  • The trailer hints at a five pilot, one squadron battle.

What we know about the game:

  • The game will be released Oct. 2.
  • Squadrons will be set after “Return of the Jedi.”
  • Squadrons will be a combat game that focuses on space fights and battles. It will have a single-layer campaign. The focus will be on multiplayer, though.
  • Per VentureBeat; “The idea is to get players fighting against each other in team battles featuring iconic Star Wars vessels.”

Early details from the game leaked