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‘Madden 21’ reveals a lot of new features that will change the way you play

EA Sports released a new trailer for the game

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Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes make the Madden NFL 22 cover.

A photo of Patrick Mahomes in Madden NFL 20.

EA Sports

EA Sports released an official new trailer for the new Madden NFL 21 video game, which shows off gameplay and explanations of new features that will change how people play the game.

What’s going on:

A new trailer for Madden NFL 21 dropped Tuesday morning, showing off a new host of features for the game.

The new features include:

  • Pass rush control, which gives pass rushers a new chance to hit their targets.
  • A new skill stick will allow people to use tricks like the side hurdle and dead leg.
  • Open field tracking will give defenders more control.
  • Authenticity improvements make quarterback moves more realistic.
  • More control how players celebrate in the game.

See the trailer below:

Description of the new game

EA Madden NFL’s YouTube page has an official description of the game:

Take a closer look at new gameplay updates in Madden NFL 21. Innovative changes designed to deliver authenticity on both sides of the ball include updated pass-rush mechanics, the new Skill Stick ball-carrier system, and more realistic open-field tackling. Go all out in Madden NFL 21 and feel advanced levels of control.