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‘Tenet’ delayed again as COVID-19 cases spike across the country

Warner Bros. says ‘Tenet’ will be delayed again. But it will still be released

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JOHN DAVID WASHINGTON and ROBERT PATTINSON and in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action epic “TENET,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

John David Wahington, left, and Robert Pattinson in the action epic “Tenet,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Melinda Sue Gordon, Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. announced Thursday it will delay the release of “Tenet,” the mind-bending Christopher Nolan film slated to be the first summer blockbuster.

  • The film will be delayed by two weeks.
  • The release date shifts from July 31 to Aug. 12.

Why the change?

Warner Bros. delayed the film due to the coronavirus pandemic and recent spikes across the United States, impacting states such as Texas, California and Utah, among others.

Warner Bros. told The Hollywood Reporter that “Tenet” will debut in movie theaters at some point in the future even if it isn’t right away.

Warner Bros. is committed to bringing ‘Tenet’ to audiences in theaters, on the big screen, when exhibitors are ready and public health officials say it’s time.

“Tenet” was delayed from its original date of July 17 to July 31, which I wrote about for the Deseret News.

According to The New York Times, the first delay came because Warner Bros. and Nolan disagreed on the movie’s release. Warner Bros. wanted to push it back until the film could be more profitable, but Nolan wanted to release on schedule, according to The New York Times.

The Verge said: “The tug of war between the two factions (and Warner Bros. desire to keep Nolan, a lucrative partner, happy) may explain the repeated short delays for the film, instead of a more drastic release date shift, as we’ve seen for most of the other summer 2020 blockbusters.”