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John Boyega says he has ‘moved on’ from the ‘Star Wars’ franchise

Will Finn ever return? John Boyega hints he’s moved on

SHARE John Boyega says he has ‘moved on’ from the ‘Star Wars’ franchise
Finn (John Boyega) in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Finn (John Boyega) in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Lucasfilm Ltd.

“Star Wars” actor John Boyega says he has “moved on” from the franchise, limiting any hopes he might come back to play Finn again.

Boyega posted a photo on Instagram where he is seen sitting in a chair, apparently on set for a new film. Someone commented, saying, “Force Finn in action with Green lightsaber dressed in black is all I want from the next SW film!”

Boyega replied to the comment: “lol no thank you. I’ve moved on (heart emoji).”

Another user said: “really just got those Disney bucks and dipped (laugh crying emoji).”

Boyega responded: “nope. Not into playing one role for too long. I have more to offer than that. That’s all.”

This echoes similar comments from Boyega back in April. A Twitter user said the most recent film, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” was “embarrassing.”

Boyega replied: “Embarrassing ? LOL you wish. Very fulfilling, some disappointments but yet not that big of a deal. Everyone has moved on. …”

Boyega’s co-star Oscar Isaac has expressed similar sentiments about returning to the “Star Wars franchise. He told Deadline he would only return to the “Star Wars” franchise “if I need another house or something.”

“I enjoyed the challenge of those films and working with a very large group of incredible artists and actors, prop makers, and set designers, and all that. It was really fun,” Isaac said. “But it’s not really what I set out to do. What I really set out to do was to make handmade movies and to work with people that inspired me.”