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‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ star Chris Pratt reveals fan who will be eaten by a dinosaur

Chris Pratt stayed true to his word and announced the new dinosaur meal

Chris Pratt Stars as Owen in “Jurassic World.”
Chris Pratt stars as Owen in “Jurassic World.”
Chuck Zlotnick, Universal

“Jurassic World: Dominion” star Chris Pratt has revealed the lucky (er, unlucky?) fan who will have a chance to be eaten by a dinosaur in the upcoming monster flick.

What happened:

Pratt told a fan named Terry that he will join the cast of “Jurassic World: Dominion” in London to begin setting up a scene where he will be eaten by a dinosaur.

Pratt had a conversation with the fan where he revealed Terry will be eaten alive by a computer dinosaur.

Pratt said: “It’s been an honor to be part of the #AllInChallenge which has raised over $59 MILLION to help feed the hungry during this global crisis! Congrats Terry!! The world can’t wait to see you get eaten by a dinosaur!”

Back in April, Pratt announced the contest as a part of the “All In Challenge” — a celebrity event where donations from fans could lead to cool prizes, as the Deseret News reported.

‘Jurassic World’ returns to production

  • In mid-June, “Jurassic World” announced it would return to production amid the coronavirus pandemic, which I wrote about for the Deseret News. “Dominion” would be the first Hollywood film to return to production amid the pandemic.
  • The film’s other star, Bryce Dallas Howard, said the cast would only return when things were safe.
  • A Universal studios production executive said the studio has worked hard to promote safety at the workplace, according to
  • The executive said: “Anyone with symptoms will be isolated immediately before being sent home. We want to make sure that we are going above and beyond the national protocols to create a safe environment. Cost isn’t our main concern now: it’s safety. We will take direction from our medical team, but we’re confident that with the staggered scheduling and zones of talent and crew, along with a system of contact tracing, we can move forward with limited delay in production.”