A trailer for the second season of “The Mandalorian” is well on it sway, and it might arrive sooner than you think.

The show’s first season finished with a massive finale that saw the leaders of the Empire closing in on snatching Baby Yoda. Oh yeah, and the show’s villain, Moff Gideon, appeared with a darksaber — a lightsaber made with dark light that was introduced years ago on “The Clone Wars.” Our hero Mando headed off to unknown space to find out where The Child (Baby Yoda) originally came from.

So that’s epic. And a second season is slowly approaching. Production finished before the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s been long suggested that “Mandalorian” would drop its second season in fall 2020 — nearly a year after the show’s first season.

That still seems to be the case. A report from LRM Online — which reports on news, rumors and leaks on “Star Wars” — suggested that the trailer might drop during the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Here’s the full explanation:

“According to our source, the trailer for the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’ will drop during the first round of the NBA playoffs. The date that they are looking at is either Aug. 21 or Aug. 22. Those dates are not by accident either. Remember that Star Wars Celebration was scheduled during that same weekend before it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Star Wars ‘trailers and sports seem to go hand in hand with multiple movie trailers debuting during Monday Night Football as well as NBA Finals games. The NBA has already resumed play at the Disneyworld Sports Complex in Orlando. The NBA playoffs are expected to begin Aug. 17 barring any stoppage because of the pandemic.”

There’s no official confirmation about the “Mandalorian” trailer. I reached out to Disney late last month about the new season and there was no information provided. So we’ll have to keep an eye open.

The next season of “The Mandalorian” certainly has a lot of hype around it. Consider the rumors surrounding the cast, like Rosario Dawson joining the show to play Ahsoka Tano — the main character from “The Clone Wars.” Or hints that Boba Fett might return for the new season. And don’t forget we might see older “Star Wars” characters that we may not have seen in decades (or ever on the live-action screen).

Guess we will have to wait and see what the trailer will tell us.