This might whet your appetite.

A new trailer for Season 11 of the hit British TV series “The Great British Bake Off” — known in the U.S. as “The Great British Baking Show” — premiered this week. It’s sparse on the details, but loaded with cheeky British charm.

The series, which airs on the British public-service station Channel 4, is set for a Sept. 22 season premiere. The new season will reportedly come to Netflix, where it has drawn a large American following, sometime in 2021. Still no word on when (or if) the new season will eventually come to PBS, where it has aired in the U.S.

“GBBO” fans might find the new trailer, well, evasive: It doesn’t include any footage from the new season. Instead, it tells a 40-second story of a boy racing to deliver “the goods” to his grandma — “the goods” being a coveted bag of flour. England faced a historic flour shortage this past summer, as quarantined Brits increasingly turned to baking.

According to Eater, the new “GBBO” season, like everything else in 2020, will be a little different. The season was reportedly filmed in four weeks instead of the normal 11. It’s also got a new host, comedian Matt Lucas.

“It’s apt a show most famous for its coziness and a sense of being cocooned from the real world has formed its own ‘bubble’ in order to film,” Eater wrote, “but its doing so, with all the attendant rules, may ironically make this the least cosy yet. A socially distanced, slightly awkward tent with no contestant camaraderie will have to derive its fluffy pleasures from other sources.”