Among Us has become one of the more popular video games over recent weeks, replacing the likes of Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft for young gamers.

What’s it about?

Among Us asks gamers to work as a team to figure out who on their space ship is sabotaging a mission.

  • The game includes four to 10 players. One to three players are “imposters” who try to sabotage their friends’ missions.
  • An emergency meeting will be called — or a dead body will be found — and people will need to vote for who they want to boot out, according to Games Radar.
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How popular is it?

The game has jumped to insane popularity. It’s the third most-popular video game on Steam, an online streaming service for video games, according to The Verge.

  • SteamSpy data suggests the game has more than 10 million owners on Steam. The game can be downloaded on iPhones and Android devices, too.
  • The game recent passed PUBG with 400,000 concurrent users.
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Will there be a sequel?

The Verge reports the developers of the game canceled a sequel due to the success of the fire game.

  • “The main reason we (were) shooting for a sequel is because the codebase of Among Us 1 is so outdated and not built to support adding so much new content,” InnerSloth said in a blog post. “However, seeing how many people are enjoying Among Us 1 really makes us want to be able to support the game and take it to the next level.”