Warning: Minor spoilers for Episode 3 of “WandaVision”

“WandaVision” aired its third episode on Disney+ Friday morning and introduced two new characters who have a storied history in the Marvel comics.

What happened in ‘WandaVision’ Episode 3?

The show’s third episode featured Wanda going into labor in the blink of an eye. Her pregnancy steadily evolves until she gives birth to two boys, who she names Tommy and Billy.

  • This is a direct call back to the comics.
‘WandaVision’ episode 3: Quick takeaways from the latest episode of Marvel’s new show

What happened in the Marvel comics

According to ComicBook.com, Scarlet Witch’s children in Marvel Comics are named Tommy and Billy.

Tommy Shepherd, who is the hero Speed in the comics, and Billy Kaplan, who is the hero Wiccan, find Scarlet Witch to explain that they’re her children.

Here’s how it went down, according to ComicBook.com:

“Young Avengers members Wiccan and Speed were introduced in the pages of Marvel Comics after the event ‘Avengers: Disassembled,’ in which <a href="https://comicbook.com/category/scarlet-witch/">Scarlet Witch</a> systematically tore her team apart with the use of her chaos powers. Wiccan, real name <a href="https://comicbook.com/category/wiccan-marvel-characters/">Billy Kaplan</a>, found his brother Tommy Shepherd aka Speed, and the two eventually tracked down Scarlet Witch, determining they were her children in a storyline that retconned Vision and Scarlet Witch’s babies as ‘soul shards’ of the villainous demon Master Pandemonium.”

Wiccan and Speed have been major characters in Marvel comics ever since that happened, according to ComicBook.com.