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Are cheaters ruining Halo Infinite multiplayer games?

Halo Infinite is suffering from a stream of hackers and cheaters, gamers say

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Screenshot from Halo: Infinite.

Halo Infinite is suffering from a stream of hackers and cheaters.


Two weeks ago, Microsoft launched a multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite, the new video game in the Halo series. It was a pleasant surprise for gamers, though most of them feel helpless against hackers and cheaters.

According to PCMag, players on PC and Xbox are fighting opponents in matches by using a tactic that make it easy to latch on to players and kill them. These cheats include wallhacks and aimbots, which help gamers aim directly at an opponent.

Cheating is commonplace on PC versions of the games, but the multiplayer features crossplay between console and PC users. Console players, as a result, are matched against cheaters on PC.

  • Console players can also use third-party controllers like Cronus which have cheats available on them. For example, the controller automatically presses the fire button for your gun, according to a user on Reddit.

So, eliminating crossplay would not solve the problem, per The Verge.

  • Halo Infinite doesn’t use anti-cheating solutions like Easy Anti-Cheat, BattlEye or a player-reported detection system, The Verge added.

Instead, 343 Industries, the creators of the game, uses “a server-side behavior-based system that’s supposed to detect cheaters and boot them out of the game,” according to the report. A system that isn’t working for the users.

Some gamers are taking to Twitter to vent.

One user tweeted he found 12 different cheat providers for Halo Infinite, who charge just $8 per day for additional features on the game, accepting money only via bitcoin.

  • The tools being advertised are aimbots, wallhacks, infinite ammunition, infinite abilities, infinite grenades, speed hacks and even the ability to jump up to five times higher, per The Verge’s report.

The game is free and all you need is a Microsoft account to play. Even if a player gets banned for cheating, they can simply make another account, per The Verge.

According to the report, the game was at the peak of its popularity with more than 250,000 players on the first day. On average, it hit 150,000 players each day since the release earlier this month.