Happy Gilmore,” Adam Sandler’s classic ’90s golf movie, reached its 25th anniversary this week, so Sandler took a trip to the golf course to celebrate.

On Feb. 16, the day of the anniversary, Sandler posted a video on Twitter reenacting the title character’s signature swing.

“Okay, it’s been 25 years since I’ve done this so let’s see what happens,” Sandler said before sidestepping into a tee off.

“Shooter McGavin, this is for you,” the actor added, referencing his nemesis in the movie played by Christopher McDonald. Though the video doesn’t show where the ball landed, Sandler assured onlookers that his drive “went pretty well.”

About an hour after Sandler’s video was published, McDonald posted a response video using the Twitter handle @ShooterMcGavin.

“Nice drive, Gilmore. Twenty-five years, huh? Let’s see if it’s Shooter’s tour. Check it out,” McDonald said before sinking a short putt into a cup.

Even Ben Stiller, who played a small role in the 1996 movie as Hal the malevolent home orderly, joined in on the celebration with an in-character response to Sandler’s video.

“That’s a beautiful swing Mr. Gilmore,” Stiller’s message read. “Congrats on your anniversary, and being such a loving grandson. So happy to be a small part of taking care of her during her ‘golden years.’” The note was punctuated with a winking face emoji.

According to People, Stiller later reprised the role in Sandler’s 2020 Netflix comedy “Hubie Halloween.”

For those looking to celebrate the movie’s anniversary with a rewatch, “Happy Gilmore” is currently streaming on HBO Max and is available to rent on YouTube, Google Play, Redbox, Amazon and other major rental services, according to Just Watch.