Anyone who watched the most recent episode of “WandaVision” likely recognized a familiar face — Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), who previously appeared in the “Thor” films.

What happened

Darcy returned to work with Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), who comes from the “Ant-Man” films, to try to figure out what the heck is going on in “WandaVision.” Spoiler: They didn’t discover much.

But the actress Dennings recently told TV Line that there’s more to come from Darcy that we haven’t seen before.

  • “I will say that you definitely see things from Darcy that have not been seen before,” she said.
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Dennings said there will be more interaction between Woo and Lewis, too.

  • “For me, there’s nothing more fun than watching two characters that you don’t expect together, put together.”

That said ...

It’s unclear if Dennings will return in the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder” film, according to IGN.

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  • “Well, I have not gotten a call so I kind of doubt it since they’re shooting it right now so probably not,” Dennings told IGN.
  • But, she said, “anything Marvel ever asks of me the answer’s always yes.”

Dennings once told Variety that working for Marvel is quite a fun experience, and it has longevity to it.

  • “Once you’re in the Marvel Universe, you’re kind of there even if they kill you. You’re still there,” she told Variety.