The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently listed six different ways for people to celebrate Valentine’s Day amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The CDC said the safest way — and this shouldn’t surprise anyone — is to celebrate virtually or with people who live with you.
  • “If you plan to celebrate with people who don’t live with you, outdoors is safer than indoors,” the CDC said.
Celebrate Valentine's Day in Utah with these events

So what are some of the activities you can embrace this year? Here’s the quick list:

  1. Make Valentine’s Day cards and drop them off at your loved one’s home.
  2. Take a walk with your loved one, preferably outside.
  3. Prepare a special meal or dessert. (It’s unclear if you would eat this virtually or share it with someone in your own home.)
  4. Plan a special movie or game night.
  5. Have a picnic outside.

In general, the CDC said people should wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from people outside your household if you’re trying to make the holidays safer.

These Valentine’s Day events are taking place across Utah to help you celebrate your special someone

The importance of Valentine’s Day

 Caroline Madden, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist, recently told NBC News that Valentine’s Day can be an important day for couples.

  • “Regardless of whether they live together or are still seeing each other — this is a holiday that can be celebrated,” she said. “All couples should make an effort to treat the day special — even if they don’t typically celebrate these ‘Hallmark holidays’ — dress up and celebrate.”
Josh Groban wants to spend Valentine’s Day with you

International cultural consultant and etiquette expert Heidi Dulebohn recently told WLS-TV that couples should set realistic expectations for Valentine’s Day this year. Couples should get creative by writing letters, making a list of everything you love about each other, writing down what you’re grateful for and more.