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Wait a second — is Mario about to die?

Super Mario Bros. fans are worried that Mario — yes, Mario — might die

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“Super Mario 3D All-Stars” includes remastered versions of “Super Mario 64,” “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario Galaxy” for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars includes remastered versions of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Switch.


Note: Please remember that Nintendo’s Mario character is a fictional character.

There’s an ongoing rumor that the heroic Italian plumber Mario might be on his way out of the Nintendo universe and might potentially die, CNN reports.

  • I’m not kidding.
  • Most of the rumors center around March 31 — yeah, today.

Why fans think Nintendo’s Mario will die

In September, Nintendo announced that Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros 35 would be available on the Nintendo Switch console for a limited-time run, according to CNN. The end date for the games would be March 31.

  • Similarly, a number of 35th-anniversary products were made available on Nintendo’s website until March 31.
  • There’s no reason for March 31 being the end date for products. But, per CNN, fans “have speculated that it may mean Mario’s life will be ending.”

Nintendo fueled the Mario rumors, too

Nintendo issued a statement in February that once again highlighted the Mario games would not be available after March 31.

  • “The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary will come to an end on March 31st, 2021. After this date, the following limited-time products and services released in special recognition of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. will end or be removed from sale.”

Nintendo might have killed the dead Mario rumor, though

Nintendo thanked fans on Wednesday for celebrating the 35th anniversary.

  • “Thank you to everyone who joined us in commemorating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. We hope you continue to Power-Up and enjoy Mario and friends’ adventures! #SuperMario35.”
  • So it looks like Mario is safe for now.