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Peeps is celebrating April Fools Day with a new cauliflower flavor announcement

Peeps Pepsi, on the other hand, is 100% real

SHARE Peeps is celebrating April Fools Day with a new cauliflower flavor announcement
This press release image shows a package of cauliflower flavored Peeps resting in an Easter basket.

Green Giant

In a March 31 press release, Peeps announced that it was teaming up with Green Giant, the iconic canned vegetable company, to release a cauliflower-flavored marshmallow treat that would hit grocery store shelves nationwide starting on — and this part is important — April 1.

The release included quotes from brand managers and directors saying things like:

“The cauliflower trend is hard to miss — these days we see it being used in everything from pizza crusts to tots ... We thought it was time for PEEPS to get in on the fun” and “Whoever said you can’t combine vegetables and sweets has not tasted our latest innovation...We think consumers will be clamoring for Green Giant Cauliflower-Flavored Giant PEEPS Marshmallow Bunnies this Easter.”

The announcement concluded with the line: “While this is just a prank, both brands do firmly believe vegetables and PEEPS belong in every bunny’s Easter basket (just maybe not in the same package).”

In March, however, Peeps announced a very real collaboration with Pepsi to release a limited line of marshmallow flavored cola.

CNET reports that Peeps and Green Giant are only two of the myriad companies that are announcing gag products this April Fools’ Day. Other brands include the language app DuoLingo, which announced a special new toilet paper, and Velveeta cheese, which announced a line of skincare products.

Here are the announcements the brands posted on Twitter regarding their new products: