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Texas man runs from Disneyland to Walt Disney World

The Texas man wanted to run to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes

SHARE Texas man runs from Disneyland to Walt Disney World
The Texas man wanted to run to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes.

Disneyland visitors stand outside the castle taking photos on March 13, 2020, the last day the park was open due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amy Taxin, Associated Press

Texas resident Don Muchow recently finished up a major run across the country, running all the way from Disneyland to Walt Disney World.

Muchow reportedly ran 2,761 miles, taking him across eight different states as he did so for an event he called a “Mouse2Mouse run.”

“I never considered quitting even once,” Muchow told The OC Register. “COVID didn’t change my mission: I want every single person with Type 1 diabetes to see that we can still dream big, despite the very real 24/7 challenges and risks involved in balancing insulin, blood glucose, food and activity.”

Muchow’s journey began back in February 2020 when he kicked off from California’s Newport Beach. He wanted to finish the run in one go starting then. But Muchow’s father passed away. And then, the coronavirus pandemic kicked off, which slowed his run, according to Click Orlando.

“We knew the headlines had become increasingly alarming, especially when the NBA canceled the season in early March, but that made us think hard about the wisdom of being out here at all,” he said, according to Click Orlando.

Then, on March 24, 2020, Muchow had to take a break because of the pandemic. He had reached New Mexico at that point. So he ended his run for six months. It wasn’t until September 2020 when he picked it back up again and ran the rest of the way, Click Orlando reports.

Muchow made it to Florida on March 27. He reportedly runs 32 miles per day from sunrise to sunset, according to Click Orlando.

And when the trip is done, Muchow wants to visit Magic Kingdom and relax a little bit.

“I also wanted to do a little private remembrance of my father who was a big fan and had just followed this the run every inch of the way,” he said. “I have some other family, my biological father and his wife, who I’ll be meeting. And we’re going to celebrate the good things that happened this year.”