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This TikTok user asks for advice because he looks like Brian Laundrie

A TikTok user says he looks like Brian Laundrie, and he’s looking for help to stay safe when he travels

SHARE This TikTok user asks for advice because he looks like Brian Laundrie
Photo shows TikTok user @notbrianlaundrie account.

The TikTok star @notbrianlaundrie account has gotten millions of views for his videos about Brian Laundrie.

Screenshot, TikTok

A TikTok user has gone viral because he looks similar to Brian Laundrie, who has been missing since the disappearance of Gabby Petito.

The TikTok star, who has amassed 2 million views and 530,000 likes on his videos since Tuesday, created the @notbrianlaundrie account, according to Fox News.

On the account, his videos show him doing simple tasks as he clarifies that he is not Laundrie, the missing person tied to the death of Petito.

“I would just like to put all of these rumors to bed,” he said in his first post, which has 1.6 million views so far.

In another post, he asked for advice on what to do when people think he’s Laundrie.

“Quick request from everyone,” he said. “Any advice on what I should say to people that think I am Brian Laundrie. Really appreciate it.

“I’m flying across the country tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding, and it’s a pretty long flight,” he said in a third video. “So if you have any tips for me on how not to get attacked or accused of being this guy, get at me. Duet this or leave a comment.”


Any survival tips for traveling while looking like Brian Laundrie ✈️ ?#StillNotBrianLaundrie #notbrianlaundrie #fyp#foryoupage #NotFleeing

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Social media has played a massive role in the Petito case, as social media members have been sharing tips and witness accounts. For example, TikTok user Miranda Baker said she and her boyfriend gave Laundrie a ride near Colter Bay, Wyoming, according to CNN.

In another example, a TikTok user claimed that Brian Laundrie might be in Toronto, saying she saw a man who looked like Laundrie at a hotel there, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

For the most part, police are taking social media posts into consideration. For example, police in Boone, North Carolina, said they were made aware of a Facebook post in a Facebook group in North Carolina that suggested Laundrie might be in North Carolina.

“Police say there have not been any confirmed sightings of Laundrie in the area and all of the phone calls they have received about him have been in reference to the Facebook post,” according to Fox Carolina.

There is currently a federal arrest warrant for Laundrie for his “use of unauthorized access device” related to activities after the death of Petito, who died by homicide. Laundrie is also a person of interest in Petito’s disappearance.