Netflix’s latest true crime movie will leave you curious for more.

“The Good Nurse” recreates the case of Charles Cullen, a nurse played by Eddie Redmayne. When he started working at a hospital in New Jersey, he befriended his co-worker Amy Loughren, played by Jessica Chastain.

In the film, Amy comes across patient deaths that don’t add up and are the fault of a double-medication error.

She soon realizes that Cullen may be behind the dark mystery behind the ICU mishaps, so she works with the police to gather evidence.

Is ‘Good Nurse’ based on true events?

The story is based on true events recounted in a book of the same name, written by journalist Charles Graeber.

The actual killer did plead guilty to murdering 13 patients, although the authorities believe he could have killed at least 400 patients — making him the deadliest serial killer in U.S. history.

“That comes from Charles Graeber’s book, and the ballpark is between 400 and 1,000,” screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns told USA Today. “He was killing for 16 years. And if you look at the rate at which he was killing and you carry that across (to other hospitals), there are a lot more victims out there.”

She said that he didn’t choose his victims due to his method of killing — injecting insulin in saline bags.

“It’s a random death lottery,” Wilson-Cairns said. “And he’s doing that to people who are already in intensive care. So I think 400 might be a conservative estimate.” 

Where is Charles Cullen now?

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the murderer, now 62, is in New Jersey State Prison in Trenton serving 18 consecutive life sentences. He would be allowed to seek parole in June 2388.

Why did Charles Cullen commit those crimes?

He justified the crimes by saying that he was simply being a compassionate caretaker and did the best he could to end his patients’ suffering in a “60 Minutes” interview.

“I thought that people weren’t suffering anymore. So, in a sense, I thought I was helping,” he said in the interview. “You know, what I did, there is no justification. I just think that the only thing I can say is that I felt overwhelmed at the time.”

Did the hospitals where Charlie Cullen worked get sued?

After four years of negotiations, the five hospitals where the serial killer had been employed settled wrongful death lawsuits with 22 victim families, according to Slate.

None of the hospitals admitted wrongdoing. The suit alleged that these medical institutions didn’t notify authorities, nor did they stop the killer from stealing medication to poison patients.

“The Good Nurse” is rated R for language.