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‘Million Dollar Baby’ — or babies? Hilary Swank is pregnant with twins

SHARE ‘Million Dollar Baby’ — or babies? Hilary Swank is pregnant with twins

Hilary Swank announced that she is pregnant with twins while filming a new project called “Alaska Daily.”

Charles Sykes, Associated Press

“Million Dollar Baby” star Hilary Swank is having two babies of her own at 48 years old. Swank is expecting twins with her husband of four years, Philip Schneider.

The actress shared the news on “Good Morning America,” following up her interview with a post on Instagram that contains the caption, “Coming soon... DOUBLE feature!” according to NBC News.

How safe is it for women to have twins after 45?

While many are excited for the announcement, there are some people who are skeptical about how healthy it is for women to carry twins after their 30s are over.

Dr. Nathan Fox of MFM Associates said that in studying women who carried twins at age 45 or older, they were “mostly healthy at baseline, with low rates of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.”

The National Library of Medicine published a study that looked at the outcomes of women that are 45 years old or older that are pregnant with twins.

Their conclusion found that “twin pregnancy in a predominantly healthy cohort of women who were at least 45 years old when they delivered was associated with high rates of cesarean delivery, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, but overall favorable outcomes.”

Congratulations and criticism over her pregnancy

Swank’s former co-star Emmy Rossum defended the mother-to-be on Instagram when followers came to question her news.

An instagram comment under Swank’s post said, “AREN’T YOU LIKE 50 YRS OLD? Gonna be in your 70’s when they graduate college. MIGHT live to see their wedding, maybe.”

Rossum responded to the comment in defense of Swank, according to E News.

On the flip side, Swank received many congratulations and well wishes on her announcement post from Kate Hudson, Katie Couric, Debra Messing and more.