Thirteen years after James Cameron’s blockbuster movie “Avatar” premiered, the trailer for the sequel has finally dropped.

The long-awaited sequel is called “The Way of Water.” While details of the plot remain elusive, Cameron gave a teaser on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last year and said that the sequel will feature a lot of water, per CNN. And, well, the trailer certainly shows that.

The iconic bright blues of the Na’vi are reflected in the brilliant blues of the water. The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much, but it seems that the Na’vi will again fight to preserve their world, Pandora. The hyper-realism captivates the viewer as the teaser shows the Na’vi and humans with music playing in the background. Sam Worthington, who plays protagonist Jake, interrupts the music and mysteriously says, “I know one thing — wherever we go, this family is our fortress.”

Cameron previously released concept art for the sequel in 2020. Erik Kain at Forbes commented that the concept art reminded him of a video game more than a movie. The trailer captures the concept art and brings it to life.

Some plot predictions for “Avatar 2” came to light through comments Cameron has previously made, such as a potential jellyfish attack, a dive into the surface of Pandora, visiting Pandora’s moons, further exploration of Pandora’s ecosystem and a focus on family. The trailer reveals that some of those predictions, like the dive into the surface of Pandora and a focus on family, prove correct.

Interestingly enough, Cameron has already publicly discussed plans for the third, fourth and fifth “Avatar” films, long before “Avatar 2” hits the big screen, as the Deseret News previously reported.

Cameron spent a painstaking four years on the script of the sequel, according to Vanity Fair. Whether or not this film will break the box office like “Avatar” and the filmmaker’s earlier “Titanic” remains to be seen.

The sequel is slated to premiere in theaters Dec. 16, 2022.