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Don’t read this if you haven’t played Wordle today ... or do if you want a hint

Hints for today’s Wordle answer

SHARE Don’t read this if you haven’t played Wordle today ... or do if you want a hint
Photo of the Wordle game website.

The Wordle game website.

Screenshot, powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle

Today’s Wordle is a bit tough — according to The New York Times’ WordleBot tool, it’s taking players an average of 4.3 guesses to solve, per the website Tom’s Guide. It took this reporter a whopping six tries.

Here are four hints to help you with today’s Wordle:

  • The answer contains two vowels.
  • One of those vowels repeats.
  • All of the letters in the word are fairly common.
  • It’s likely not a word you use regularly.

Need an additional hint?

Synonyms for the mystery word include:

  • open.
  • shocked.
  • astonished.

And today’s Wordle answer is ...


According to Merriam-Webster, “agape” has a few definitions, including:

  • “Wide open.”
  • “Being in a state of wonder.”

What is the best Wordle starting word?

A Wordle bot has revealed that “crane” is the best Wordle starting word, the Deseret News reported.

The Deseret News staff recently shared some of its go-to starting words, which included “stare” and “adieu,” among others.

What are some of your Wordle go-to words? Share in the comments section below.

Wordle spinoffs

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