You may know about Spotify Wrapped, but let me introduce you to the Spotify Pie Chart.

This new tool, created by University of California, Los Angeles student Darren Huang, is an alternate way of getting an overview of your Spotify listening history featuring your favorite genres and artists.

So, what is Spotify Pie Chart?

Per LoudWire, this pie chart converts the genres you’ve been listening to into a neat pie chart that can be viewed at any time, unlike the Wrapped tool. It also lists your top artists.

The music categories are extensive — including “dance-pop,” “j-pop,” “Japanese emo,” “ambient workshop” and even “talent show.”

Here is one Twitter user’s Spotify Pie Chart that reveals his 20 music genres.

The website is hosted on Github and is free to use, although you can donate to the creator via Venmo. If you have a message for Huang, you can message him on Instagram.

How to use Spotify Pie Chart?

You can access it through its website, which will prompt you to log into your Spotify account. This will allow the software to analyze your listening history and present it to you in a crisp and colorful way.

You can refresh your chart every month to glance at your top artists and genres.

Are there other tools you can use to view your listening history?

According to The Independent, there are many tools that can analyze your listening history:

  • Stats for Spotify: It shows your favorite tracks, artists and genres in the last six months.
  • Obscurify: It will let you know how mainstream your music taste is.
  • How Bad is Your Spotify: As the name suggests, this tool will roast you if you have terrible taste.
  •  NPRcore: Do your music preferences align with this public radio station? This tool will help you find out.