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This bride spent $3.75 on her wedding dress

The dress retails for over $200 on Revolve

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In this Sept. 28, 2020 file photo, the TikTok app logo appears in Tokyo. A bride recently went viral on the app for sharing a video of her wedding dress, which she purchased for only $3.75.

Kiichiro Sato, Associated Press

This newly married Ohioan has blown TikTok users away with her stunning wedding dress that cost her less than a Wendy’s four-for-four.

Driving the news: 32-year-old Jillian Lynch posted a thrift haul to TikTok earlier this year, trying on the brand-new $220 Camila Coelho dress she had snagged for only $3.75.

  • Lynch also picked up heels for her big day, stumbling upon Visanze Collection wedding shoes for only $8.

so happy with all these finds 🤍

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What they’re saying: Lynch, an avid thrifter, told Insider that she began her hunt with only one piece of criteria in mind: “I just started looking for dresses, not wedding dresses, but simple white dresses ... I didn’t want anything too formal.”

  • In the video, Lynch seemed unsure of the dress at first, telling the camera it would “for sure” be her backup dress. However, she quickly changed her mind after receiving an influx of compliments and suggestions in the comments.
  • “Hearing the feedback through TikTok that it looked like it was made for me, I do think that swayed me. After making that TikTok, I fell more in love with it every time I tried it on. I felt really pretty in it,” Lynch told Insider.
  • Lynch was amazed at how perfectly the dress fit her. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt that great in something,” she said, per People magazine. “That’s what brides should feel on their wedding day, like they’re at their peak beautiful self.”

Details: According to the New York Post, Lynch paid “nearly 30 times the sale price to have the dress altered to her size,” rounding out the total cost of her wedding day look to $121.75.

  • Lynch got married to her partner of over 10 years in Arizona on May 13, per the New York Post.