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Looking for something to do? Here are 7 weird museums to visit with your family

From a museum dedicated exclusively to potatoes in Blackfoot, Idaho, to a museum for Bush’s Baked Beans, here are the top 6 weirdest museums

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A picture taken in 2016 of the Natural History Museum in London, England.

Claudio Testa, Unsplash

The other day, Mashed spilled the beans on the Bush’s Baked Beans Museum. Many readers likely have never heard of it, but there are other museums around the world dedicated to equally strange subjects that readers may not know about, either. After scouring the internet, the Deseret News compiled a list of six of the most unusual museums that exist.

Bush’s Baked Beans Museum

Featuring video testimonials from the founder’s family, visitors can learn how the A.J. Bush’s general store and cannery quickly grew into Bush’s Baked Beans, which now accounts for 80% of all baked bean sales in the United States. According to Roadside America, visitors will learn how the Bush family’s secret baked beans recipe, originally created in 1969, launched a bean empire.

Located near the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, you can tour the facility as well as purchase items from the gift shop at this museum.

Idaho Potato Museum

Located right off I-15 in Blackfoot, Idaho, the Idaho Potato Museum features both a museum and a cafe. The museum features graphics that tell the history of potatoes. If you have ever wondered how the Pringle’s Company rose in success or what the first potatoes were in Idaho, this museum will answer your questions.

The cafe features even more potatoes, including french fries or a baked potato (with or without toppings).

Cup Noodles Museum

Located in Ikeda, Japan, this museum might be the place to visit for instant noodle fans. The website lists exhibits like The Birth of Chicken Ramen and Exhibition of Instant Noodles, as well as a Tasting Room where you can try products that are not typically sold in stores.

If you have wondered how instant noodles are made, there’s a factory that you can tour as well.

Museum of Bad Art

Though this museum is temporarily closed, it could be worth a visit when it reopens. Located in Somerville, Massachusetts, this museum is serious about bad art. Each piece of art is accompanied by a written interpretation. One of the more intriguing collections they house is the MOBA Zoo collection.

Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

The website boasts that this is the only salt and pepper shaker museum in the world. Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this museum features several different styles of salt and pepper shakers. They have pictures on their website of salt and pepper shakers shaped like rubber ducks, dolls and more.

UFO Museum

Located in Roswell, New Mexico, the UFO Museum was organized after the infamous crash in the area. The website describes how in the first week of July 1947, a UFO crashed and left debris. Glenn Dennis claimed that a nurse also told him about bodies that were left with the wreckage. The UFO Museum describes its purpose as educating people about this incident.

Museum of the Weird

Located in Austin, Texas, this museum follows in the tradition of P. T. Barnum’s dime museums. TripAdvisor says how they have exhibits of everything from mummies to UFOs to the paranormal.