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I tried every specialty churro at Disneyland. These were my top 3 favorites

There will always be different options throughout the year, but specialty churros provide park goers another way to indulge their sweet tooth

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Brandon Judd, Deseret News

Choosing a sweet, sugary treat at Disneyland is kind of like that first time you try jumping into the dating pool — there’s so many options, you’re not sure where to start.

One of those options are churros, which can be found at food carts throughout Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and even Downtown Disney.

Even the churro, though, comes with a mind-numbing number of options, if you’re looking to try something new.

During a recent trip to the parks during the summer of 2022, I tried every specialty churro I could find at the carts located in Disneyland and DCA.

Because of seasonal items and items going on and off the menu, these may not be the specialty churros available when you visit Disneyland.

This article is just meant to give you a baseline for what kind of churro goodies to expect, and hopefully the one you choose to indulge in will be there during your trip.

Here’s my top three, and a bit of commentary on those that fell outside the top choices.

S’mores churro

Available near Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Disney California Adventure

The S’mores churro is very sweet, but what really makes it work is an excellent mix of textures — the smoothness of the melted chocolate, the crunchiness of the graham cracker (and the churro itself, of course) and the sticky sweetness of the marshmallow.

It’s a messy option, but leaves you craving it again.

The S’mores churro is broken into two pieces, and I used the second half to scoop up the toppings that fell off and were left over in the paper container it comes in.

This was hands-down the winner of the competition, both in taste and presentation.

While it wasn’t available while I was on this trip, I’ve also had the fluffernutter churro, and it’s in the same realm of deliciousness, to me. Swap out the graham cracker and swap in peanut butter, and they are very similar.

Cookie-dusted churro

Available at Cozy Cone Motel 1, Disney California Adventure

The cookie-dusted churro was super tasty and delivered a great mix of two classic sugary treats.

Like so many of the others, it was messy after being rolled in special cookie-flavored sugar — grab some napkins.

But there was a strong taste of cookie and the dipping sauce — not quite the same consistency as cookie dough, but a similar flavor — was delicious. I had to break the churro into pieces to help scoop the sauce, it was so thick.

Blueberry Looks Good on You churro

Available at the churro cart nearest Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland 

Like the cookie-dusted churro, this one came with a flavored sugar coating — and it was a strong enough blueberry flavor without being overpowering.

The dipping sauce, though, really sold this one.

It was a blueberry cheesecake dipping sauce — which costs an extra dollar on top of the churro price — and it was unlike anything else you could find at Disneyland at the time.

Even while I sat on a hot bench with no shade, the dipping sauce provided me with some much-needed refreshment, and reminded me a bit of cheesecake filling.

Other specialty churro options that just weren’t for me

Regarding the rest of the specialty churros available during my trip, I would just as easily buy a regular (boring) churro over seeking out these options again. That’s just personal preference.

They included:

Parade dreams churro (available in Town Square, Disneyland): This churro is meant to celebrate the Main Street Electrical Parade and the presentation contains a vibrant amount of color. The pop rocks are fun and it has a good green apple taste.

Visually, it is in the same hemisphere of the S’mores. But the flavors don’t work together as well as they should.

Pineapple tres leches (available in Hollywood Land, Disney California Adventure): This was a regular churro that comes with a pineapple sauce at an additional cost. It’s chilled and has a nice flavor.

The sauce is $1.75 — not sure if it’s worth that much. But it was a light, refreshing take on the standard churro.

A variety of flavored sugar churros — green apple, orange pop, cinnamon sugar, berries and cream (located at different carts in both parks): Truthfully, I wasn’t a huge fan of any of these options. Often, the flavored sugar taste was too subtle, unlike the blueberry churro.

Several came with dipping sauces, but even then, I’d stick to a standard churro over many of these specialty ones.