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All of the Taylor Swift references during the Jets vs. Chiefs game

The game averaged 27 million viewers, making it “the most watched Sunday show since Super Bowl LVII on Fox in February

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Taylor Swift, second from left, and Brittany Mahomes, second from right, watch play between the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs during the second quarter of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, in East Rutherford, N.J.

Frank Franklin II, Associated Press

Taylor Swift interrupted the NFL again Sunday night by watching the Kansas City Chiefs play against the New York Jets at Metlife Stadium. She brought along a gaggle of other major stars to watch the game and was spotted with Donna Kelce, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s mom, again.

The game averaged 27 million viewers, making it “the most watched Sunday show since Super Bowl LVII on Fox in February,” NBC Sports reported.

It also raked in an increase in female viewership, according to the release, including:

  • A 53% increase in teen girls ages 12 to 17 viewing a game.
  • A 24% increase in women ages 18 to 24.
  • A 34% increase in women 35 and up.

Could Swift be the answer for the NFL’s quest to draw in more female fans? Ticket prices and jersey sales indicate that it’s a possibility.

  • Average ticket prices for Sunday’s game “shot up 35% to $380 on Friday,” NPR reported.
  • Vivid Seats reported a 173% increase in traffic on the Chiefs vs. Jets game page, Jets reporter Rich Cimini reported.
  • Sales of Kelce’s No. 87 jersey climbed 400%, according to NPR.
  • His podcast, “New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce,” skyrocketed to No. 1 on Apple charts, “Sunday Long Read” podcast producer Jacob Feldman reported.

Is the NFL welcoming Taylor Swift’s star power to the league?

The NFL appeared to embrace Swift’s star power, flashing to her reactions after touchdowns and consistently referring to her presence in the audience. Watching the game on YouTube TV, the cursor was an emoji of hands making a heart, which Swift is known to do to her fans.


The heart hands emoji, which Taylor Swift is known to us to her fans, was the cursor during the Jets vs. Chiefs game Sunday, likely referencing Swift’s attendance to the game.

Sarah Gambles, Deseret News

Commentators came prepared with their best Swiftie song and lyric references to use throughout the game. Tucker Carlson even opened the game with a special video package from “The Voice” stage to welcome Swift and her fans watching.

Here are the references made to Swift during a nail-biting 23-20 game that the Chiefs ended up winning.

Taylor Swift references during Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets game

There were many references to Swift throughout the game. These are the ones observed by the Deseret News during the game.

Carlson opened the video package by saying, “We all know this is not just any Sunday night football game.”

Then it cut to other big names and their responses to rumors the pop star is dating Kelce.

  • “He’s in the end zone, she’s on the bleachers,” one news anchor said.
  • “He’s had a lot of big catches, but this would definitely be the biggest,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said.
  • “Taylor Swift has finally put you on the map,” Kelce’s brother and center for the Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce said on their podcast.

Carson continued:

We are going to put tonight’s story in language that the legions of Swifties could understand. This guy, Travis Kelce, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs or basically the next ‘Great American Dynasty’ in the NFL.

Then there’s these guys, the New York Jets. They’ve been left with a ‘Blank Space’ after losing their star quarterback. Tonight, sure they’re going to try to ‘Shake It Off.’ But against the defending Super Bowl champs, it’s probably not likely to happen, maybe only in their ‘Wildest Dreams.’

The facts are the Chiefs have a ‘Fearless,’ magical ‘Mastermind’ who likes to throw the ball to a guy with plenty of ‘Style.’

So Swifties, this is Sunday Night Football. I really hope something ‘Enchanting’ like this happens tonight.

Chiefs, Jets, ‘Welcome to New York,’ everybody.

He referenced a total of nine Swift songs.

On-field reporter Melissa Stark opened from the field, saying, “A lot of star power tonight. The last time Aaron Rogers and Taylor Swift were in the same building together, it was here at MetLife stadium to watch Swift perform at her Eras Tour show. He’s a fan. He was rocking out.”

Mike Tirico, Cris Collinsworth referenced Taylor Swift multiple times

The announcers for the game, Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth, seemed to embrace Swift’s presence, referring to her multiple times throughout the game.

Here are Collinsworth’s Swift references:

  • “There’s Taylor Swift and the VIPs watching a little closer game.”
  • “We got stars in the seats and stars on the field.”
  • Referring to Jets quarterback Zach Wilson’s strong throwing game Sunday, “What if Taylor Swift is in the house? What if the much-maligned guy is having a night?”
  • “Halfway through the third. Taylor’s still here. If you come to New York, maybe we can rent you a place on Cornelia Street in the big city.”
  • “You think Travis Kelce’s living the good life? Donna Kelce is living the best life. She’s sitting with Taylor and then she’s 96 miles away sitting with Jake from State Farm. Forget her son living the life, she’s living the life.”
  • “You know my favorite image of all. We’re always talking about Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift can’t go anywhere. She has bulletproof cars. But then in a convertible, they drive off down the road of the stadium in Kansas City. It has to be the most freeing thing she’s done in 20 years. Great getaway.”
  • “Back to Taylor Swift. The Taylor Effect is real. Travis Kelce gained almost 900,000 new followers on Instagram this past week. According to fanatics, there’s been a 400% spike in sales. He was ranked 19 for jersey sales in the league, now he is in the top five. Then there is the hundreds of orders for custom ones?”

Here are Tirico’s Swift references:

  • “Taylor likes what she’s seeing so far. Seeing plenty of Taylor Swift in New York. Here she is on the big screens in Times Square.”
  • “We thought the game would be 17-nothing. Cris and I were going through all the Taylor Swift song lyrics. Sorry, Taylor. A game broke out in front of us.”
  • “There’s Taylor Swift for everyone to see.”
  • “Let’s get out of this town. Drive out of the city away from the crowd. Did you catch that? You’re a Swiftie now! It’s a Taylor Swift line. Come on, man!”