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‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ won’t air on television this year. Here’s how to watch it

It’s been 50 years since ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ debuted on television

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With Thanksgiving coming up, Charlie Brown wants to do something special for the gang.

With Thanksgiving coming up, Charlie Brown wants to do something special for the gang.

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It’s been 50 years since “Peanuts” fans first watched Charlie Brown stress out over his lack of cooking skills (“All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast”), how to properly kick a football and dealing with uninvited guests.

On Nov. 20, 1973, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” premiered on CBS. It later earned an Emmy Award as an outstanding children’s special and secured its place as a holiday classic.

Nearly every year since the show first aired, fans have watched Charlie Brown and Snoopy anxiously pull together a Thanksgiving feast — one Peppermint Patty vehemently disapproves of — for the entire “Peanuts” gang.

But this year will be a little different. The movie will not be available to viewers via standard television. So where can you stream “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”?

Where can I watch ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’?

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is available exclusively on Apple TV in 2023. The streaming service acquired rights to the movie in 2020, and it will not be available on standard television this year, per USA Today. Apple TV will make the show available to nonsubscribers on Nov. 18 and 19.

Movies like ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’

If you would like to watch something similar to “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” here are some comparable movie options for children and families, which are all available to stream or rent.

‘A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving’

In this movie, it’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving in the Hundred Acre Woods. Winnie the Pooh and his friends team up to put together a holiday feast. As they search for dishes to serve, Rabbit lectures the group on a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Over the course of the movie, the friends learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime.

Rating: G.

‘Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow’

While visiting Turkey Hollow, the Emmerson siblings (Graham Verchere, Genevieve Buechner) get swept up in a search for the “Howling Hoodoo” monster. At the same time, a mischievous neighbor plots to frame the Emmersons’ aunt (Mary Steenburgen) for stealing a turkey unless the Emmerson siblings can prevent it.

Where to watch: Disney+.

Rating: PG.

‘A Looney Tunes Thanksgiving’

“A Looney Tunes Thanksgiving” is a two-part show that includes “Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet” and “Daffy Duck’s Thanks-for-giving Special.” Bugs and Daffy learn about gratitude in the cartoons.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, Apple TV.

Rating: G.

‘Garfield’s Thanksgiving’

During an appointment on the day before Thanksgiving, Dr. Liz Wilson comments on Garfield’s weight and suggests he go on a diet. Then Garfield’s owner, Jon, invites her over for Thanksgiving dinner — where she can monitor Garfield’s diet.

Where to watch: Peacock.

Rating: G.

‘Free Birds’

A turkey named Reggie (Owen Wilson) begins a life of luxury after he gets pardoned by the president. But his leisurely existence comes to an abrupt end when he’s recruited by a fellow turkey for a top-secret mission. In a bid to get turkey taken off Thanksgiving menus, Reggie and his companion (Woody Harrelson) travel through time to the first Thanksgiving.

Where to watch: Starz.

Rating: PG.