Tuesday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” begins in Angie Katsanevas’ palatial home in the Upper Avenues of Salt Lake City. Heather Gay arrives and the two women enjoy some charcuterie together and discuss the pioneer party fiasco from the previous episode. More specifically, they discuss Monica Garcia’s erraticism, which, Heather explains, reminds her of Jen Shah, who, you may recall, is currently in prison.

“I don’t want Pioneer Day part 2 in Bermuda,” Heather says, and I’ll be honest, that’s a sentence I never expected to hear on television or to write in a recap.

Over in Daybreak, Whitney Rose and Justin Rose are driving home from a couple’s therapy session when Whitney receives a distressing text message — her friend Shari, who has cancer, is dying and about to be intubated. Shari is one of Whitney’s closest friends, and Whitney is devastated. It’s tough not to feel devastated for her during this loss made more complicated by the reality that she’s contractually obligated to process her grief in front of a camera crew.

Next, we find Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks at Toscano, a restaurant I’ve driven past a million times but never realized people actually ate at (I made a reservation to try it this weekend). Meredith tells Lisa she wants to clear the air, and that she’s heard that Lisa told Angie that Meredith threatened her. Lisa says she only told Angie what Meredith told her when she was very drunk in Palm Springs and mentioned she had heard the rrrrrrrhhhhhumors (actual pronunciation) about Angie’s husband. Meredith says that’s not a threat, Lisa says it is, and they go back and forth over the definition of the word “threat” for quite a while. Lisa explains that she was just defending Angie, but Meredith says she should have been defending her. If you’re feeling lost, so am I.

Up at Mary Cosby’s home, Monica has come to visit, I think because Mary refuses to leave her home and will only be on the show if people come to her. Which I respect.

Mary serves Monica some carrot cake and watches her a little too closely as Monica eats her cake. Mary eats none of the cake on her own plate. I’m not saying Mary is a ghost who can’t eat and can only enjoy food by watching others eat it, but I’m not NOT saying that either.

Monica complains about Lisa, and Mary tells Monica she has to just accept Lisa for who she is and shouldn’t hold a grudge. That’s rich coming from Mary, who currently holds a grudge against every single person on this show.

Angie calls Whitney the morning after Shari’s death, and Whitney, obviously, cries. I am just so uncomfortable with this very serious emotion on this very unserious show.

Lisa and her husband take their son shopping for his upcoming mission in Colombia for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Lisa immediately gravitates to the teal and maroon pin-striped suits. The suit salesman, bless his heart, explains missionaries tend to go for a more conservative look.

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The final act of this episode is at Edison House, a new members-only establishment downtown, where Meredith is holding an event for her new plated jewelry line which makes the second jewelry line launch for this cast this season, and, spoiler, the second jewelry line launch party during which Lisa argues, loudly, with another woman.

Heather is the first to arrive and she meets Monica at the bar. Monica apologizes for acting less than enthused about Heather’s Bermuda trip announcement and promises to be nice moving forward. Which, to be clear, would be disastrous for this show and absolutely will not happen.

Meredith arrives with husband Seth and son Brooks in tow. Lisa is next to arrive, followed by a very sad Whitney. Meredith, Monica and Heather hug Whitney and offer their condolences, then Lisa comes bouncing over and hands a number of gifts to Heather without saying anything to Whitney, which, as Whitney explains in a confessional, hurts her feelings.

After some mingling, Lisa pulls Whitney aside and tries to gossip about Meredith with her. Whitney tells her that she just lost her best friend and she doesn’t have the capacity to deal with pettiness. Lisa then tells Monica she doesn’t know if she should talk to Whitney today or not.

After Monica presents everyone with pastries and Bermuda rum to apologize for her previous behavior, Lisa tries again to talk with Whitney, and Whitney tells her she was hurt by Lisa’s apparent disregard for her a few minutes prior. “I need you to acknowledge that I lost my best friend,” Whitney tells her, to which Lisa tells her she can’t keep track of what’s going on with everyone all the time, which is not a great thing to say in this situation. “I’m not a bad person, I’m a good person,” Lisa says. Whitney tells her no, she’s not a bad person, but she’s lacking self-awareness. Lisa explains that she sent flowers, and Whitney tells her, “I don’t want flowers, I want YOU,” then walks out of the party.

Lisa attempts to follow her, but fails, and then rips off her mic and tells the producer she will NOT be putting the mic back on. It’s pretty hard to watch, I think, because we’ve all been someone who is grieving and can’t believe the world is still turning without the person we lost, and we’ve all been someone who doesn’t know exactly how to show up for the person who just lost a person they love.

I feel for them both.