“Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night” premiered in theaters on Tuesday.

The special runs in theaters from Tuesday to Sunday. Streaming dates have not yet been announced, but the official Facebook account of “The Chosen” has replied to commentators saying that it’ll be on the app in time for Christmas.

This Christmas special has an important piece of “The Chosen” history: part of it was the pilot that led to the creation and development of the hit series about the life of Jesus (played by Jonathan Roumie), “The Chosen.”

The pilot episode, “The Shepherd,” has been edited together with a previous Christmas special known as “The Messengers.” Two monologues have been added as well as a performance of “O Holy Night” in French by Andrea and Mateo Bocelli.

‘The Chosen’ is having a Christmas special this year

Dallas Jenkins, the creator and director of the show, first made “The Shepherd” with his church. It was filmed on his friend’s farm in Illinois. Jenkins was coming off of “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone,” which he described in an interview with the Deseret News as “a total bomb.”

“It was crushing,” Jenkins said. “The Friday afternoon when the numbers came in for the box office and it was a total bomb, and the companies that I had made that movie with and had wanted to make more movies with me all said, ‘Well, we’re done.’”

So, as Jenkins started looking for a new career, he began making the short film “The Shepherd,” which was a pivotal experience for him.

“While I was doing it, I was was like, man I am never more satisfied artistically and comfortable artistically, and never am I more in my wheelhouse than when I’m doing these short films from the Bible,” he said.

“The Shepherd” then led to “The Chosen.”

“My original idea in making ‘The Shepherd’ was simply to create a short film about the birth of Christ in a fresh way. As I shared it with friends, ministry leaders and entertainment professionals, I kept getting the same response: ‘I want more,’” Jenkins told The Christian Post in 2017. “As a result, we’ve decided to make an entire TV show about the life of Christ through the eyes of those who encountered him called ‘The Chosen.’”

At the time, VidAngel (which later split into VidAngel and Angel Studios) partnered with Jenkins. Crowdfunding for the show began.

Neal Harmon, then the CEO of VidAngel, spoke to The Christian Post about how many people were looking for entertainment that was in accordance with their faith values. “This underserved audience deserves more content they want to see, and that’s why we selected ‘The Chosen’ as our first major scripted series.”

“We believe passionately that the story of Jesus is must-watch, binge-worthy TV for untold millions, and we also believe that thousands will catch this vision and enthusiastically support this project,” Harmon told The Christian Post.

Two years later, Season 1 of the show premiered with the ambitious goal of surpassing the billion views of “Game of Thrones” and making “The Chosen” into “the most-watched global series in history,” per Fox News.

Roumie, who was cast as Jesus, described the role as “the preeminent honor, not only of my career but of my life.”

“With this series, we’re afforded the opportunity to take our time with the greatest story ever told ... and savor it,” Roumie told Fox News.

Now, three seasons later, “The Chosen” has been watched by millions of people (over 500 million episode views, per Newsweek). Season 4 will debut in theaters on Feb. 1, and filming of Season 5 is expected to start in April.

“Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night” is the latest installment of content “The Chosen” has put out and there are plans to continue making more.

Katherine Warnock, vice president of original content for “The Chosen,” told Newsweek, “We would love to become a family tradition every year at Christmas. What I love about Hollywood is that there’s room for a plethora of content. Next year, we have a long list of artists we’d like to work with. There’s no litmus test.”

How to watch ‘Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night’

Check with your local theater to see if “Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night” is playing. Streaming dates have not yet been announced.