Cast members of “The Chosen” traveled to Washington, D.C., for a special bipartisan screening of “Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night” last week, according to a social media post from the TV show’s official account.

“Our cast at the US Capitol? Yep. Last night in DC, we were hosted by the Speaker of the House for a bipartisan screening of ‘Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night.’ It was an honor!” the post read.

“The invitation came from Hope to the Hill on behalf of the speaker as a unique opportunity to see both sides of the political aisle come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus at our Capitol,” Brad Pelo, president of “The Chosen,” said. “Two years ago Hope to the Hill gave us a similar opportunity, where ‘Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers’ was screened in similar fashion with Jonathan Roumie in attendance.”

This year, additional cast members including Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene), Vanessa Benavente (Mother Mary), Raj Bond (Joseph), Demetrios Troy (Lazarus) and Sarah Anne (younger Mother Mary) were also able to attend the screening.

Pelo said the Christmas special “was extremely well received” and there was “surprise and delight” at seeing the show.

“More importantly it was an honor to serve our elected officials in this way and to see party lines and ideological differences fade while encountering the remarkable Christmas story,” Pelo said.

What’s next about ‘The Chosen’ Christmas special?

The 2023 Christmas special is a combination of the show’s two previous Christmas specials, but with a twist.

“‘The Chosen’ Christmas special will have “the authenticity and the magic of ‘The Shepherd’ matched with the production value, the caliber and the profound storytelling of ‘The Messengers,’” Katherine Warnock, vice president of original content at “The Chosen,” told media in a press conference.

Andrea Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli will be performing “O Holy Night” in French during the special, as the Deseret News previously reported. Other musical performances include the Bonner Family, Brandon Lake, Joy to the World, Zach Williams, Matt Maher and One Voice Children’s Choir.

Christian artists and groups perform in “Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers.”
Christian artists and groups perform in “Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers.” | Scott Jarvie
‘The Chosen’ officially releases its Christmas special trailer — Andrea Bocelli and the Bonner Family will perform

“There’s so much pain going on in the world right now. There’s so much tragedy,” Tabish told Christian Headlines. “(This movie) is about the birth of Jesus. And it’s told through a few different perspectives. But all of it comes down to this beacon of hope, which is the Christ child and the peace and joy and freedom that comes with that and with him.”

She said that the 2023 Christmas special brings the previous two specials together “in this really seamless way.”

“Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night” is expected to hit theaters on Dec. 12. It’ll be available until Dec. 17. Tickets went on sale for the special on Nov. 20. Streaming dates have not yet been announced. On the post, the show’s official account commented that the Christmas special will be available on streaming in time for Christmas.