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10 underrated rom-coms to watch this Valentine’s Day

These rom-coms won’t let you down

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Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell in “Set It Up.”

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell in “Set It Up.”


Valentine’s Day can be a high-pressure holiday. The romantic day often comes with expectations and therefore letdowns. Traditionally, I celebrate Valentine’s Day with lots of sweets and a romantic comedy.

So if you are looking for a new rom-com that won’t let you down, here are 10 underrated rom-coms to give a chance this Valentine’s Day.

1. ‘Set it Up’ (2018)

A pair of overworked and underpaid assistants hatch a plan to set up their workaholic bosses.

Stars: Glen Powell, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, Pete Davidson.

Where to watch: Netflix.

Rating: TV-14, for some sexual references and some language.

2. ‘Sabrina’ (1995)

Sabrina (Julia Ormond) is the daughter of a chauffeur, and grew up with the wealthy Larrabee family. Growing up, she was in love is David Larrabee (Greg Kinnear), the playboy of the family. After going to Paris, Sabrina returns a glamorous woman and finally catches David’s eye. But Linus (Harrison Ford) thinks the relationship is a bad idea and tries to break them up.

Stars: Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear, Fanny Ardant.

Where to watch: YouTube TV.

Rating: PG for some mild language.

3. ‘Austenland’ (2013)

Jane Hayes (Keri Russell) is obsessed with the Jane Austen novels and fantasizes about Mr. Darcy on the regular. She uses her savings to go to Austenland, a British resort that immerses its guest in an Austen-worthy romance, and she might finally meet her own Mr. Darcy.

Stars: Keri Russell, Jennifer Coolidge, JJ Field, Jane Seymour.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for some suggestive content and innuendo.

4. ‘Valentine’s Day’ (2010)

In a series of interconnected stories, characters go through the highs and lows of Valentine’s Day and what it means for them.

Stars: Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey, Jessica Alba.

Where to watch: HBO Max, Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for some sexual material and brief partial nudity.

5. ‘French Kiss’ (1995)

After Kate (Meg Ryan) learns that her fiance has fallen in love with another woman, she boards a plane to France to win him back. On the plane, she is seated next to Luc (Kevin Kline) a French thief.

Stars: Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton, Jean Reno.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for some sexuality, language and drug references.

6. ‘Kate & Leopold’ (2001)

Kate (Meg Ryan) is a 21st century business woman and she is too focused on work to think about love. But a rip in the fabric of time sends Leopold (Hugh Jackman), the Duke of Albany, into Kate’s world.

Stars: Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman. Liev Schreiber, Breckin Meyer, Natasha Lyonne.

Where to watch: Pluto TV.

Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language.

7. ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ (1987)

Nerdy high schooler Ronald Miller (Patrick Dempsey) helps a popular cheerleader, Cindy (Amanda Peterson), get out of trouble. To pay him back for his help, Cindy agrees to “fake date” Ronald so he can achieve high school popularity.

Stars: Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Peterson, Seth Green.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for underage smoking and drinking and some language.

8. ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (1993)

In this Shakespearean farce, Hero (Kate Beckinsale) and her fiance (Robert Sean Leonard) hatch a matchmaking plan to get two people who hate each other — Benedick (Kenneth Branagh) and Beatrice (Emma Thompson) to fall in love. Meanwhile, Don Jon (Keanu Reeves) plots to destroy the wedding.

Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves, Micheal Keaton, Robert Sean Leonard, Kate Beckinsale, Imelda Staunton.

Where to watch: HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu.

Rating: PG-13 for momentary sensuality.

9. ‘Home Again’ (2017)

Shorty after separating from her husband, Alice (Reese Witherspoon) decides to move to Los Angeles for a fresh start. Alice agrees to let three young filmmakers stay in her guesthouse. Complications arise when a romance is sparked between Alice and one of the filmmakers.

Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen, Nat Wolff, Candice Bergen, John Rudnitsky.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for some thematic and sexual material.

10. ‘Housesitter’ (1992)

Architect Newton Davis (Steve Martin) is devastated when his girlfriend turns down a proposal and the home he designed for them to live in. He cannot imagine living in the home without her and shares his story with a waitress (Goldie Hawn) who decides to move into the empty home and pose as Newton’s girlfriend.

Stars: Goldie Hawn, Steve Martin, Donald Moffat, Julie Harris.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG, for mild sensuality and language.