Meghan Markle’s estranged father and half-siblings opened up about their fractured relationship with the Duchess of Sussex and pled for an opportunity to “sit down and talk” with the rouge royal in an exclusive interview with 7News Spotlight on Sunday.

Thomas Markle — Meghan’s father — and her half-siblings Tom Jr. and Samantha have not been in the same room as Meghan since her wedding to Prince Harry “tore the family apart.”

“I wish that we could sit down and talk. I wish that we could work out our differences,” Thomas Markle said in the interview. “I refuse to be buried by her.”

Meghan’s father believes making a public “death bed” plea will encourage his estranged daughter to repair their broken relationship.

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Meghan claimed to be an only child

During her 2021 interview with Oprah, Meghan claimed she grew up as an only child who always wished to have siblings, despite having two older half-siblings.

“I would have loved to have siblings,” Meghan told Oprah. “I’m so excited to be pregnant so that Archie has someone.”

“I called her my sister,” said Samantha, Meghan’s half-sister. “She was my little sister.”

Samantha believes the Duchess made claims of being an only child to the royals as a means to cover up the family she did not consider good enough.

“I believe she had a clear motive for writing family off because it would seemingly justify and perhaps delay the revelation of all the lies that she had told the royal family,” Samantha Markle said in the Spotlight interview.

“It doesn’t seem like she felt she was good enough, that seemingly in her mind she had to inflate who she is to garner false admiration and be accepted by the royals,” Samantha Markle added. “In my opinion she would still be a waitress if it weren’t for my dad.”

Meghan has not spoken to her father in four years

In his memoir, “Spare,” Harry claimed that he witnessed Meghan “mourning the loss of her father.”

“I knew my way around grief and there was no mistaking it. This was pure grief,” Harry wrote in “Spare.” “She was mourning the loss of her father.”

At Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry, she asked her father-in-law, then-Prince Charles, to walk her down the aisle — “I’ve lost my dad in this, so him as my father in law was very important to me,” Meghan said during her interview with Oprah.

According to the Markle family, it was Meghan who pushed her father away. “It’s been four years” since Meghan made contact with her father. Even after Thomas suffered from a severe stroke that limited his ability to speak, he did not hear from his daughter.

“We knew that she didn’t lose our dad, and she iced our father and there is a really big difference, it was deliberate,” Samantha Markle said. “If she doesn’t turn up for a stroke, if that doesn’t move her, what would?”

Thomas Markle remains desperate for a conversation with his daughter. Losing their relationship is “a huge disappointment and it’s sad everyday,” he said.

If given the opportunity to speak with Meghan, Thomas Markle would ask her to “Go somewhere and talk.”

“And I’d say ‘What’s wrong? How can I fix this?’” Thomas Markle added. “Of course I love you and bottom line, Harry, a nice guy, I love you for marrying my daughter. Meg I love you. I love my grandchildren. I’d love to see them. I’m open to any kind of conversation.”

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Thomas leaked Meghan’s letter to him

Thomas Markle also addressed leaking portions from a personal five-page letter from Meghan Markle which he described as a “pretty much a kiss off.”

Apparently the letter was approved of by the late Queen but Thomas Markle believes she never saw what Meghan wrote him. “The queen never read this letter because it was a horrible letter, very insulting and cruel,” he said during the Spotlight interview.

He defended his decision to share parts of the letter with the Daily Mail because Meghan had allegedly already shared it. “At the same time people magazine were coming out with the fact that Meghan had shared it with six other people right?” said Thomas Markle.

“I thought, I have to get my side into this too. And I put out a little part of it,” Thomas Markle continued. “The other things in that letter are so hateful and so cruel that I wouldn’t put it out, and thats more protecting her than myself.”

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“I have the letter. I don’t know what I can do with it. I have been offered a lot of money for the letter but I’ll burn it before I sell it.”

Meghan relationship with Harry is ‘toxic’

Meghan’s sister, Samantha Markle, believes Meghan and Harry have a “toxic” relationship in which Harry enables Meghan’s behavior.

“I think he has a personality profile that perfectly enables someone who is an alleged narcissist,” said Samantha Markle. “Whether it is PTSD or seeming neediness over his mother, his history of being somewhat rebellious in his own life as the younger child in their own family and competing always with his brother, William, and never being happy, I mean he has a similar personality not only in the rebellion, relying on substances to avoid accountability and real growth and responsibility.”

“I mean I think he’s enabled her and I don’t think they’re improving each other’s lives. I think they’re a toxic relationship because they’re codependent,” Samantha Markle added in the Spotlight interview.

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