The “Barbie” movie has been one of the most watched — and commented on — of the year. Even though the star of the movie is Barbie, there’s another character that’s winning the hearts of admirers all over the world.

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Even though in Barbieland he may be just Ken, here in the real world he’s definitely a 10. And with the success of the movie combined with his Kenergy, fans have been looking for and willing to buy all kinds of merchandise.

What does Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken doll look like?

The newest piece of merchandise released by Mattel, the brand behind Barbie, is a “Mojo Dojo Casa House” Ken doll inspired by Ryan Gosling.

Mattel classifies it as a collectible Ken doll. They classify the toy as “a statement look inspired by Ken’s rebel rocker outfit in Barbie The Movie,” per Mattel. The doll features the black fringe vest, joggers and white shoes worn by Ken in the beach war scene, topped with the faux fur coat.

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His accessories include his fanny pack and the sparkly horse medallion. Its box also showcases the Barbie logo scratched out, giving place to a Ken logo.

Here’s a list of all his features, according to the Mattel website:

  • High-octane outfit recreates one of Ken’s most memorable film looks.
  • Black moto fringe vest is paired with matching fingerless gloves.
  • Matching “KEN” belt bag is accented by a golden-toned chain.
  • Super-shaggy and super-swaggy faux fur coat features vibrant red lining.
  • Lightning bolt bandana and pants make his look crackle with electric energy.
  • High-top sneakers and silver-toned horse pendant complete the look.
  • Posable doll comes in collectible Barbie The Movie packaging.

Where can you buy the Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken doll?

Unfortunately, the doll is already sold out on the Mattel website and is under preorder on the Amazon website, saying the item will release on Jan. 31, 2024. It is still possible to find the doll through third-party vendors like eBay. You can sign up for email updates on Mattel’s website.

How much does the Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken doll cost?

The doll was originally being sold by Mattel for $75, and it cost the same price on Amazon for preorder, with a preorder price guarantee check mark on the second. But it can also be found on eBay for as much as $140. All prices are before taxes and shipping.

There are more Ken dolls based on the movie

There are other styles of Ken dolls based on the movie, including his “Western Outfit,” “Denning Matching Set,” “Skating Outfit” and “Beach Matching Set.” Only the latest is available on the Mattel website — all of the others are sold out.