Kaibrienne Richins had a few of her fellow “American Idol” competitors crying during her emotional rendition of Jessie Murph’s “How Could You” — a performance that enabled her to survive “the biggest cut in ‘Idol’ history” that whittled the competition down from 143 to 56 singers, USA Today reported.

But the next night, Richins’ spot in the “American Idol” competition was on the line.

How this Utah singer from ‘the middle of nowhere’ ended up on ‘American Idol’

During the second part of the Hollywood round, which aired Monday night, Richins found herself in a sing-off with contestant Alyssa Raghu, who made it to the top eight on Season 17.

“Idol” judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan presented the singers with a choice of two songs: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” or “Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer-Smith. They would have to perform the same song, the judges said, and would have one hour to prepare for the performance.

And only one singer would be able to move forward.

Kaibrienne Richins performs ‘Shallow,’ reaches ‘American Idol’ top 24

Richins and Raghu opted for “Shallow” and quickly got to work. “Idol” showed footage of Richins working with a vocal coach to help push through her nerves and open up.

In the end, Richins’ raspy vocals cut through and won over the judges.

“That’s the best she ever sounded,” Perry said as the judges deliberated over who to advance. “That was the reveal. I just kind of forgot how good she was.”

“She slayed,” Bryan said with a laugh.

Richins, a 20-year-old singer from the small town of Henefer, Utah, was visibly emotional as the judges revealed she was moving through to the top 24.

“I sang for my life,” she said. “I seriously gave it everything I had.”

Having to compete in a sing-off to secure a spot in the competition doesn’t necessarily put Richins at a disadvantage going forward — Megan Danielle, who was last season’s runner-up, also competed in a sing-off at one point in the competition. Danielle went head-to-head with Idaho singer Paige Anne to earn a spot in the top 26, the Deseret News previously reported.

Now, Richins is one of two singers from Utah in the “American Idol” top 24.

Elleigh Marie Francom, a singer from American Fork, also made it through, although her performances did not get much airtime. During Francom’s audition, Bryan predicted the singer would make it to the top 10, the Deseret News reported.

‘I think she’s top 10′: Utah singer blows ‘American Idol’ judges away

More about Kaibrienne Richins

In a recent interview with the Deseret News, Richins shared how she had to push through severe performance anxiety to make it to the “American Idol” stage. A year ago, especially, she was struggling with mental health and self-love, she said.

Reflecting on her audition, which filmed last fall, one of the biggest things that stands out to Richins is the courage she had to work through all of the fear and self-doubt that has plagued her over the years.

She’s from ‘the middle of nowhere,’ Utah — and she just got a ticket to Hollywood on ‘American Idol’

“Everything happened the way it was supposed to, and I grew in the ways I needed to, to be able to ... follow that dream and have things fall into place and be the person I am now going into the competition,” she said.

“I never should have doubted myself all these years to begin with,” she continued. “A year ago, I didn’t even want to be alive, honestly. It was just a huge moment for me. I’m so glad that I pushed through all those hard days, because here I am.”

Kaibrienne Richins performs during the Hollywood round of "American Idol." | Eric McCandless

Who is in the ‘American Idol’ top 24?

The “American Idol” top 24 round airs April 7 and 8 at 7 p.m. MDT on ABC.

The round, filmed in Hawaii, will feature guest artists and mentors Tori Kelly and Jelly Roll, along with a performance from Iam Tongi, last season’s “Idol” winner.

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Per USA Today, the following singers have made the “American Idol” top 24:

  • Jordan Anthony.
  • Jack Blocker.
  • Odell Bunton Jr.
  • McKenna Faith Breinholt.
  • Abi Carter.
  • Roman Collins.
  • Jayna Elise.
  • Elleigh Marie Francom.
  • Julia Gagnon.
  • Ajii Hafeez.
  • Triston Harper.
  • Jennifer Jeffries.
  • Quintavious Johnson.
  • KBlocks.
  • Sam “Kayko” Kelly-Cohen.
  • Mia Matthews.
  • Hailey Mia.
  • Will Moseley.
  • Nya.
  • Blake Proehl.
  • Kennedy Reid.
  • Kaibrienne Richins.
  • Emmy Russell.
  • Mackenzie Sol.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Paige Anne is from Utah. She is from Idaho.