Video games are a favorite pastime for many kids, but they’re known to be expensive. We’ve rounded up nine video games that won’t leave you penniless and will keep your kids safely entertained.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Available for digital download on Nintendo Switch, Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a multiplayer game that allows users to create their own Kirby. In the game, Kirby suddenly shrinks due to a magical fork and is now in a food wonderland.

Players must eat all the strawberries in different mini games, food racetrack courses, and battle royale matches in order to become the biggest Kirby. As Kirby eats food, he will obtain special abilities to win the game. Kirby’s Dream Buffet currently costs $14.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Suika Game

This simple puzzle game is easy to follow. Similar to games like Tetris, players must combine similar fruits in order to make a new fruit. You must reach the highest points possible before the fruit container overflows.

As you combine the fruits, they get bigger and bigger until you reach the biggest size available: the watermelon. Suika Game comes in two versions on the Nintendo Switch: the original game for $2.99 or the multiplayer bundle for $5.24.

Retro Bowl

This football game is inspired by the arcade games of 1987 and allows users to manage their own football team while juggling the team roster, egos and press duties. Players get to know what it’s like to handle their own football team and play on the field.

This single-player game is available on the Nintendo Switch for $4.99, but is free on the Apple Store, Android Play Store and the game’s website.

Retro Goal

Made by the same company behind Retro Bowl, Retro Goal is an arcade game that allows users to manage their own soccer team and play on the soccer field. Also a single-player game, Retro Goal is available for the Nintendo Switch at $4.99 but is free for Android and iPhone users.

Disney Gargoyles Remastered

A remake of the original game, Gargoyles Remastered follows the story of Goliath the Gargoyle who is in charge of defeating the evil Eye of Oden. The game resembles a 16-bit platform game but with better visuals, SFX and animation.

Players can choose between the new graphics or turn on the original graphics in the game, along with implementing new features such as rewind or wide-screen presentation. The game is available for $14.99 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation and GOG.

Minecraft Dungeons

Inspired by the original game Minecraft, players must battle through multiple levels to save the villagers from the villain Arch-Illager. This multiplayer game takes users through the world of Minecraft as they look for treasure, weapons and more to help them defeat the monsters and win the game.

The digital edition for this game is $19.99 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation.

Stardew Valley

Players inherit a plot of farmland in Stardew Valley and can lead a relaxing life ... or so it seems. Stardew Valley takes players on a journey to help revitalize Stardew Valley to its original splendor.

Available with multiplayer options, this game lets players to experience a life of their own choosing while sustaining their farm. Stardew Valley costs $14.99 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation and GOG. The phone app version costs $4.99.

Among Us

The popular mystery astronaut game Among Us tells the story of a crew in their spaceship preparing for departure. But there’s an imposter on board and killing the crew members one by one. Players must figure out who the imposter is before getting killed.

This multiplayer game is available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo switch, phones and Xbox. On the phone it’s free, but on other devices it will cost $5.00.

Hollow Knight

This adventure game takes players across a world full of ancient cities, odd creatures and mysteries to solve. Players choose their own paths in the game, equipping themselves with charms, develop powerful skills and create personal maps to chart the expansive world.

This single-player game is available on the Nintendo Switch for $15.00.

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