When “The Chosen” Season 4 launched its premiere and press tour in Brazil, the show was greeted by a projection of the show’s logo onto The Christ the Redeemer Monument.

From time to time, this cultural landmark welcomes visitors via its projections.

Jonathan Roumie (Jesus), Paras Patel (Matthew) and Lara Silva (Eden) visited Rio de Janeiro as part of the premiere. They were there for the show’s signature teal carpet premieres in both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

The show premiered in late March, and on opening night the show had an increase of 378% compared to Season 3 launch in 2023. According to “The Chosen,” Brazil is the show’s No. 2 viewership market while the U.S. is No. 1.

“With an audience surpassing 200 million viewers, we’re humbled to see how ‘The Chosen’ continues to captivate audiences worldwide,” Kyle Young, executive vice president of global marketing and revenue for the show, told the Deseret News. “The project on the Christ the Redeemer monument in Brazil not only celebrates the series’ global success but also signifies our goal of making the series the most-watched show globally and bringing the authentic Jesus to as many as possible.”

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Brazil, The Chosen’s second highest country of viewership, for this honor,” Young continued.

Jonathan Roumie and Paras Patel from "The Chosen." | FOTO: ROBERTO FILHO @robertofilh

As “The Chosen” experienced a warm welcome in Brazil, the box office numbers have also rolled in. Worldwide, Episodes 1 to 3 have grossed $14.7 million, 4 to 6 have grossed almost $9.5 million and the finale has grossed $7.7 million. That clocks in at around $32 million, according to numbers from Box Office Mojo.

‘The Chosen’ Season 4 streaming dates

Streaming dates for the season have not yet been announced since the show’s creator Dallas Jenkins said there was a delay.