Utah filmmaker T.C. Christensen’s new movie, “Escape from Germany,” has climbed to No. 11 at the domestic box office.

Despite only playing in 40 theaters nationwide, the movie has brought in a total of $257,643 since its release, including $49,924 in one day on April 15, per Box Office Mojo. “Escape from Germany” currently sits on the list between “Arthur the King” and “Imaginary,” both from film studio powerhouse Lionsgate Films.

What is ‘Escape from Germany?’

Based on the book “Mine Angels Round About” by Terry Bohle Montague, “Escape from Germany” is the latest film from Christensen.

According to the film’s website, “‘Escape from Germany,’ is the true recounting of a miraculous yet unsung WWII event.” It tells the story of how more than 80 missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints escaped a rapidly closing Germany just before the start of World War II.

The movie stars Paul Wuthrich as Elder Seibold, Sebastian Barr as Elder Anderson, Deveney Reber as Erma Rosenhan and David McConnell as President Wood. There are also a few cameos from famous Utah faces like Joel Bishop and The Piano Guys’ Steven Sharp Nelson.

“Escape from Germany” released on April 11 and is only playing in select theaters throughout Utah. Those who are interested can see the list and get tickets here. Fans can also request for the movie to come to their city here.

Who is T.C. Christensen?

Christensen is a Utah filmmaker and cinematographer. He was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Layton. He started making movies when he was young, making comedies and short films. But an experience in high school, when a film he made called “Count Your Blessings” drew an emotional response, made him think he wanted to tell deeper stories.

“It turned heads more. I thought maybe there is something more to these kinds of stories,” Christensen told the Deseret News in 2013. He said he wanted to make stories that made a difference in people’s lives.

“I think story is everything. ... That’s been my big effort — trying to find stories that are strong and have a meaning so that people come out of the theater with something to chew on and think about, something to talk about with their families.”

Since then, Christensen has gone on to make and work on dozens of movies. He is best known for his films “17 Miracles,” “The Fighting Preacher,” “The Cokeville Miracle” and “Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration.”